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Write Exceptional Ads by Following These Three Easy Steps

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Learning to write exceptional ads is the most important element you must learn in-order to have any success as an Internet Marketer. Although many programs (including mine) come with ads ready for your use – you are not the only one using them!

To be successful you must be sensational – you must stand out against all of the other “Me-too Marketers” if you want to make sales and make a realistic income online. This is no easy task – many will try, most will give up and fail and others will never have to report to work again! That is the category I fall into… I can live anywhere in the world I want, I can go and do anything I want or need to pretty much any time I want.

There is one reason why we can and chances are – you can’t. We know how to write ads that make people want to take action!

1. Know Who You are Writing To

It sounds silly, I know but most people that write ads do not even know who their is. If you do not even know who your prospective customers are – how can you expect them to know they need what you are selling?

For example, are you writing ads to anyone that is looking to make extra money, or are you writing ads for women that want to work part-time online, or are you writing ads for people that are looking for ways to make a full income online? Each type of person falls into a different category that is going to impact how you are writing your ads.

2. Know the Purpose of Your Ad

It does make a difference if you are sending prospects to a landing/squeeze page, a sales page or an opt-in page. Since each type of page requires a different action – either click through, enter a name and email address or buy – your ad must provide the action and incentive to take that action.

In case you are unsure what a landing page is, that is a page to send a prospect that requires them to “click through” to another page to receive the desired information – they do not need to provide their name and email address or any details to access the information you want them to have. This is valuable to use on safelists because it requires the person to take action and shows that they are more serious about your offer.

An opt-in or capture page requires that the person provides you with either their email address, name or both. This is how you build your list and provide follow up . To have an opt-in page you also need to have follow up messages ready to go that compliment the page that the prospect opted to receive more of your information.

A sales page has one purpose and one purpose only – to sell your product. The words on your sales page are what make the prospect want to take action – not the words in your ad – your ad just wants the person to go to your sales page.

3. Last but Not Least – The words in Your Ads and the Format of Your Ads.

Do not use boring words that are easily looked over, and often repeated by every other online marketer. I constantly see marketers write the same boring ads that I see over and over and over again – ask me why they aren’t making any sales! Really? Would you go for this, “Brand New Product – I made Millions Overnight!”That ad says nothing to me – new products are created daily (if not hourly) and I know that if he did make millions overnight, he would not be sending me an ad.

Be realistic and be inspiring – no one wants to feel “sold to.” We understand that coming up with unique ad copy is one of the most difficult pieces, which is why Frank came up with a short cut… He has created a list of words and phrases that makes ad writing a breeze.

Make the format easy to read, use correct spelling, and correct punctuation. Read it. Read it again. Ask your friend to read it. Does it make you want to take action? Does your headline make you want to click on the ad? You are your customer! You are a person that at some point bought the product that you are selling. Think about what made you want to buy it – write about it. Remember, this is not the time to tell a story – keep it short, sweet and to the point.