5 Hot WordPress Tools for Online Business

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Is WordPress your system of choice for building your internet business? Would you love finding new tools you can use to accelerate growth for your organization? If you wish to double-down on company development, it may be time to update the WordPress tools you’re using. Have a look at the following roundup of up-and-coming WordPress tools to determine which ones can help your online business sales increase this year.


ResponsiveVoice enables you to instantly add voice-first technologies to your WordPress website. Add this wonderful plugin to your WordPress site and customers will automatically have the ability to follow the content on your internet business’ website. Connect with customers that are increasingly using tools such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or who only want to listen to content while they are busy and on the move. Who knew adding audible qualities to your site was so simple, right?


If you like the concept of integrating artificial intelligence into your business-building attempts, WPBot is for you. Their awesome tool enables you to instantly create a Facebook Messenger Bot to your WordPress site. Send posts from your site to clients via Facebook messenger and observe your WordPress participation rates soar.

You may also use WPBot to send daily summaries to your intended audience, monitor clicks on your messenger social engagement, create charts to visualize rates, and also let your clients search through your FB messenger messages for additional details. Artificial intelligence + the power of Facebook = amazing opportunities for internet entrepreneurs using WordPress.


Nelio provides an all round content calendar and societal sharing interface for wordpress users. Their drag-and-drop editorial calendar makes it simple to keep track of your WordPress posts, create a social sharing program, and track your social networking actions from one easy-to-understand interface. You can reschedule certain articles, filter content, and also create customized posts for your wordpress website. Nelio also has tips to assist WordPress users in enhancing their articles before publishing.


DeliPress is a must-discover wordpress instrument for internet entrepreneurs who wish to use email marketing to grow their businesses. DeliPress enables you to easily create email newsletters from inside your WordPress dashboard. Add email subscription forms to your site and turbocharge your growth rate using DeliPress’ super easy drag-and-drop interface.

Delipress works with multiple email processing interfaces such as SendGrid and Mailchimp. If you thought it was too complex to begin email marketing for your internet business, you are going to be thrilled when you find DeliPress.

WP Shapes

If you would like to add additional eye-candy to your WordPress site, consider downloading the WP Shapes plugin. This nifty add-on enables you to automatically wrap your articles around the pictures on your website. Publish your ecommerce products and wrap your merchandise descriptions around your pictures. Make your products stand out from your opponents, thanks to this valuable WordPress plugin.


Paying attention to up-and-coming WordPress tools is a great way to increase your internet business. The earlier you find new WordPress tools, the sooner you can put them to work to cultivate your online venture. Make tracking new WordPress tools a part of your business’ expansion strategy and watch your organization flourish.

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