What Are The Ingredients To Make Money Online?

ingredients to make money online

So many people are looking for a way to make money online. In fact, I receive several emails a week asking me just that, “how do I make money online?” and usually they want to know how to make $100 a day online, as if that’s some starting-point amount of money to generate daily. They say it so casually as if actually making $100 a day online is just the easiest thing ever. Now, I’m in no way saying it can’t be done, (I’m living proof it can) but you need to go into making money online with your eyes wide open.

There basic ingredients to make money online:

  • You need a product that converts.
  • You need good traffic sources that bring targeted visitors to your site (people looking for what you’re selling specifically).
  • And you probably want to capture leads (and have autoresponder messages that keep promoting) because people don’t usually buy the first time they land on your website.

From there, it’s about scaling up your efforts, which hopefully also scales your income.

But I know… that’s almost always easier said than done.

The reality-check is that making money online doesn’t fit neatly in a box

Meaning you can’t just tell someone to do XYZ and boom, now their making money online. And if you’re paying close enough attention, you understand why. The reason why is some affiliate marketer will share some “traffic getting technique” or whatever and then droves of people duplicate whatever it was until it no longer works like it once did.

  • You see this happen over and over and over again.
  • That’s why you can’t just tell people to do XYZ, in a nutshell.

Some aspects of making money online must be your own solution

… And that’s when time, skill, knowledge and a ton of hard work comes into play. This is also when those ingredients I mentioned above gets complicated because there’s a bunch of different ways to go about getting that traffic… it’s all about the traffic after you have your product and sales funnel setup.

By sales funnel, I’m really just saying your lead capture and follow-up system (as I said, people don’t usually buy the first time they land on your website). So step one to making money online (and attaining that $100 a day benchmark) is capturing leads and doing follow-up email marketing.

This is why you hear that affiliate marketers (and just marketers in general) must wear many hats.

  • You’ve got to be able to do a lot of things really well and then be able to put them all together.
  • This is where everyone drops the ball for one reason or another.

Maybe they aren’t taking the time to develop the skill set they need, or maybe they don’t even know. People come online everyday thinking they can just do a little wham-bam and they will start making money online, or that they just need someone to tell them a little something and it’s always more involved than that.

I think its because of this belief (that making money online is easier than having a brick-and-mortar business) which leads people down that path of buying schemes and products that promise just that… something easy and/or something for nothing. Basically easy success. Success is never easy. Just ask a successful person who isn’t trying to spin how easy it is because they are trying to sell you something.

Then there’s mindset

Forget about the dollar amount you want to make every day online. The real question is, do you have the mindset to make $100 or $200 a day online? People want to make that money to be sure, but are they willing to put in the work is the question?

The answer is usually not really.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been online for over 12 years and I started out with my own products, so I’ve always had people coming to me for help, which puts me in a truly unique position to really observe what people are doing (and not doing) in their efforts to make money online.

More than once over these 12 years I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t be bothered to do all the reading and learning they need to do. They just wanted the quick answer, as if there’s a secret.

The secret is always knowledge and hard work basically. But telling people that doesn’t sell products, so you don’t hear that kind of talk most of the time. You hear exactly the opposite, which is why people start calling things scams, in my opinion.

  • People WANT to believe making money online is easy.
  • People WANT to believe that doing it online is somehow easier too.

Making money is never easy. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing to earn it either. Like I said, just ask a successful person who isn’t trying to sell you something.

But making money online absolutely can be done

You’ve got to have a good product. You’ve got to have good traffic sources. You’ve got to have YOUR OWN lead capture and follow-up marketing system (your sales funnel) and you need to be willing to put in the work and learn what you need to learn, especially if you have more time than money.

Oh, and you also need some patience.

I find a lot of people that are out here trying to make money online have no patience. I suspect because their already in crisis mode, so they needed to make money yesterday, if you know what I mean. So really, someone like that is usually going to fail because they can’t even slow down enough to succeed. They just want quick answers and instant results and they will jump from product to product.

Don’t be that person. There’s no future in it.

SIDE NOTE: I think niche WordPress blogs are a good way to make money online. You can have a website presence and you can monetize it multiple ways. Then your focus is on continuing to add great content and of course, advertising.

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Final Thoughts

It’s hard to be able to help everyone in the capacity they need help. I create products that offer solutions, but they still require you to work them, usually in the form of generating the traffic. On the other side of the coin, people can’t afford to have someone like me completely do everything (so they are making money online quickly), so it’s like a catch-22.

Affordable solutions will require you to have some skills to put them to good use and 100% turnkey solutions cost serious money. You have to decide where you fit in and then fill in the gaps based on what I’ve been talking about.

Got more questions than answers?

Email me and perhaps we can put together a custom solution that fits in your budget if you need help making money online.

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