The Ultimate Private Label Rights Checklist

private label rights checklist

Private Label Rights products enable you to create more content, which means more products, which means more authority—even if your time is limited. PLR content positions you to meet the constant demand for you to churn out high quality content on a regular basis. Private label rights products provide you with research material, even though you don’t have time to research. And PLR give you the ability to instantly create value for your products.

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Use PLR “as is” and as if it were your own product

Use it immediately after you buy it, as if it were your own product.

  • Have an existing list of subscribers
  • Pre-sell these subscribers prior to this product

Know when the PLR will launch so you can buy it ASAP. Be sure it connects with a problem customers have.

Add unique components to make it unique:

  • Interviews
  • Case studies
  • Bonuses
  • New components

Use components that are included and customize them:

  • Make audios and videos unique by adding intros, outros, transitions
  • Make text unique by rewriting and reorganizing it
  • Make documents unique by adding new logos and re-branding
  • Make checklists and mind maps unique by changing at least some of the points to things you’ve actually said

Make the value obvious, so as to make it desirable. Don’t just sell a product; make it valuable

Use PLR as a bonus to promote affiliate products

This gives prospective buyers an added incentive to purchase a product through your link.

Use the most appealing and most appropriate components:

  • It should have an e-cover, so buyers can clearly see the value
  • It if doesn’t have an e-cover, create one, and make it a 3-D image
  • The bonus should be closely related to the product being promoted
  • Some sales will be solely because of this bonus
  • Have buyers opt-in to receive it, since they may not be from your list, or paid traffic, or social media; you build your list as an added benefit
  • The bonus gives buyers an added incentive to buy from you

Use PLR to create a membership site

  • Recurring income

All the benefits/value of the site are visible at first glance:

  • This includes the content you promised in your sales letter
  • Include reference content and helpful tools, which can be PLR you have purchased

Provide unannounced bonuses, so as to make it “painful” for members to cancel their subscription

  • Use PLR for the content, even if you already know it, to save time
  • Use PLR for the content, even if you don’t know it, to help you create something you otherwise couldn’t create
  • Content can also include video, email series, e-book, graphics
  • Use graphics to add professional touch
  • Most buyers only stay with a membership site for 3.5 months
  • Continue to add value so members will stay longer than 3.5 months
  • Use PLR to “upgrade” your membership (this is different from the unannounced bonus)

Use PLR as a second or third upsell in your marketing funnel

  • It is customary to upsell a buyer after they purchase the front end product
  • You may have the first upsell but no second or third upsell
  • Use PLR as a second or third upsell to avoid gaps
  • Front end products are “basic” level; adding upsells brings it to “pro” level
  • The second upsell should be a “done for you” (DFY) implementation
  • PLR can be all or part of the DFY
  • The third upsell can be a tool to help the buyer with maintenance
  • The third upsell will thus be a recurring product or service
  • It can be delivered in as simple a manner as thru a Facebook group, or thru a membership site; it could even be thru a link sent once monthly via an autoresponder
  • For the recurring payment, provide new content regularly
  • The third upsell is essentially a membership

Use PLR to create a local offline workshop

  • Buy at “wholesale” and aim to sell at “retail”
  • Use to bulk up your knowledge of the topic to do a workshop
  • Free up your time for marketing, not conducting research, for your workshop
  • Use as a lead magnet to get attendees to sign up
  • Use as pre-workshop content to engage people while they wait for your workshop
  • Use, of course, for actual presentation content by converting content from audio, video, or text into your presentation platform

PLR videos help explain technical processes for you at a workshop, as you’ll need an occasional break from talking

PLR checklists are great giveaways to remind attendees of what they learned at the event

  • Brand them, and when others share them, it gets people interested in your business
  • Make sure to re-image graphics to fit you and your audience
  • You’ll typically have your graphics created for the business opportunity niche
  • Use as post-workshop content
  • You’ll be using PowerPoint and PDFs to distribute while you speak
  • Use for webinar content for those unable to attend the live session
  • Use for the product you will sell at the workshop; you might even get an entire solution in PLR, including front end products and upsells
  • The offers can be pieced together and put into an upsell funnel (JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank, Zaxaa)
  • Present part of the content, sell another part

Use PLR to create a coaching program

  • Use for coaching content, and for resources for students
  • Use before coaching to prepare for each individual; tweak for each individual student
  • Give to students to help them execute your method
  • Teach your students (and yourself) info you didn’t already know
  • Use it to teach your students the basics (so you don’t have to)
  • Use before coaching to prepare for each individual
  • Use to cover basics needed to execute the solution on the sales page
  • Arrange the content into PowerPoint slides, that you can use to present on a webinar or online meeting
  • Use to give students activities in between live sessions
  • Repurpose checklists and mind maps into step-by-step processes
  • Make use of PLR video courses that show the “how-to” of intermediate steps
  • Give students content with some steps done (so they can more easily take action)
  • Make sure what you use has instruction as high in quality as what you yourself would want to have

Use PLR as a bonus on your sales page

  • Helps make your product more appealing
  • PLR with great graphics will have a visual for your sales page, and enable buyers to visualize the value of the bonus
  • Look for 3-D (not 2-D) graphic images
  • Keep high quality PLR on hand so as to always be ready to offer bonuses; purchase it beforehand

Let buyers know they can get the bonus only if they buy it:

  • Before it runs out (scarcity)
  • Before the time runs out (urgency)

o Bonus value, including graphics, should be obvious and relevant. Offering irrelevant, “over the top” bonuses will devalue your product.

  • If you have more than 3 bonuses, make some time-sensitive
  • The time-sensitive bonuses, typically called “fast action” bonuses, should be easy to remove from the product
  • Have 3-D graphics created for PLR without graphics
  • Re-image all of the PLR to make it similar to your product branding
  • Make sure the images reflect exactly what the buyer is getting

Use PLR as a bonus for your affiliates

  • Affiliates apply, then you put together a bonus page for them
  • Gives affiliates the ability to offer their customers an incentive
  • Your traffic and conversation rate will increase as a result
  • Bad traffic gets filtered out by the bonus page
  • Bonuses get delivered from internal sources
  • Or, give affiliates the opportunity to give the bonuses themselves
  • Qualify your affiliates that will give bonuses
  • Two sets of bonuses (one thru your sales page, the other thru the affiliates’ bonus page)
  • Affiliates can start promoting right away
  • Determine what other vendors are giving affiliates

Use PLR as your webinar content

  • The PLR might already have slides
  • Learn the content well enough to teach it on the webinar as an “expert”
  • Splice the PLR videos together for an automated webinar
  • Don’t be afraid to use the graphics which you will be rebranding
  • Fade background image enough for text to be visible
  • As a presenter, you don’t have to be at a loss for words
  • The webinar can have a script, or be driven by slides
  • Combine PLR to create even more unique content
  • Sell the presentation as a future product
  • Intersperse graphics throughout the webinar to hold interest, but it should not be overpowering
  • Promise a free gift (which can be the PLR, of course) to get attendees and hold interest
  • Give good information, but don’t share all of the content of the product being promoted
  • Your audience’s attention is about 20 minutes long; use the time wisely

Answer the questions:

  • In the webinar: Why, what if,
  • In the front end offer: What to do
  • In the back end offer: How to do it

Re-image the components of the PLR

  • Rebrand, rename and re-image the content so it enhances your unique selling proposition (USP) and your business
  • Add intros and outros to audio and video content, in order to customize it
  • Brand documents with your logos
  • Customize sales pages, opt-in pages, and upsell pages
  • Promote your own products throughout (i.e., hyperlinks—just don’t overdo the links)
  • Make sure links are appropriate, and in the appropriate places
  • Suggest your own resources; create your own resource list

Re-imaging the components can also mean:

  • Revising the PowerPoint presentation
  • Editing any videos or video clips with graphical imagery on it

It should be unique to you and not look like PLR after you re-image it.

Use PLR to create email and autoresponder content

  • Internet marketers typically send a daily e-mail; sometimes, writing that daily e-mail can be difficult
  • Use PLR to create an e-mail series sent over many days, ending with a call to action
  • Use video content delivered via YouTube; make sure to supply the link
  • Use audio content similarly; make sure to supply the link
  • Particularly useful when you need time off from writing e-mails
  • Keep subscribers engaged until they are ready to become buyers
  • Strike a balance between delivering evergreen content, and content of interest to subscribers

Use PLR for other purposes

  • Social media
  • Different forms of PLR
  • Blog content
  • Video content
  • Podcast content
  • Published content
  • Useful for any business in helping save time and effort
  • Useful for any content-based problem you need to solve


The 12 specific methods you’ve just been taught can be used in whatever type of business you run, or whatever other needs you may have; the techniques are solid and can ensure your success.

For example, do you need to:

  • Add more value to your product?
  • Write a book?
  • Create more content for your subscribers?
  • Build your authority as a leader in your niche?
  • Make your presentations more informative?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then use any of the 12 strategies that have been presented to you. They are easily adapted to any content-based dilemmas you may be facing.

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