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Why Small Businesses Need to Say Yes to LinkedIn

linkedin for small business

Your phone and/or tablet probably have an application dedicated to Facebook or Twitter, but I bet you have probably never thought of downloading the LinkedIn app? Many business owners have also decided to overlook LinkedIn and focus on other social networks. These people do not realize that LinkedIn can provide the best opportunities for business owners and is the most professional social platform that small businesses can use. LinkedIn connects professionals with like-minded people. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, […]

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Simple Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

email marketing strategies for small businesses

Are you curious about email marketing strategies? You may have heard that email marketing can be used very effectively to promote your small business, but have no idea how this process actually works. The good news is that email marketing strategies are not really very complicated and can easily be used by just about anyone. Every small business owner should be implementing them into their advertising plans. Email marketing offers one of the best advertising returns for […]

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