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What are Buyer Keywords and How Do You Find Them?

Not all keywords are created equal. What people type into search engines provides insight into their frame of mind at the time of search. From that, we can read into their intent. Some keywords expose the intent to learn or get help with something. For example, “how do I fix a flat tire” or “why is the sky blue.” Others show interest in diagnosing an issue. For example, “why is traffic to my website going down” or […]

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How To Find Keywords The Right Way

how to find keywords without google keyword planner

Everyone uses the same pool of keywords found through Google Keyword Planner. Here’s a free alternative to finding keywords without Google Keyword Planner. Now that I have opened your mind to how to find keywords with the right buyer intent, this begs the question of what is the proper way? The best way to explain this process is to tell you the wrong way to find the right keywords. See also: How To Find Keywords With The Right Buyer […]

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How To Find Keywords With The Right Buyer Intent

how to find keywords with the right intent

The title of the subheading is kind of deceptive because it is loaded with two assumptions. First, you need to find keywords and second, you need to find the right keywords. This assumes that there are such things as the right keywords. Unfortunately, this part of the keyword research analysis is just completely ignored by most people looking to build more search engine traffic to their websites. Not surprisingly, they end up failing with SEO. See also: […]

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