Quick Instagram Profits in 8 Easy Steps

instagram marketing steps

If you’re trying to get free traffic from Instagram, you will need to do it systematically and methodically. Otherwise, you’re likely to wind up with mediocre results at best. At worst, you are not going to get any results whatsoever.

Instagram keeps growing by millions of members each and every month. Tap into this awesome source of traffic the ideal way. Make no mistake about it, there isn’t any lack of people trying to get traffic from Instagram. Unfortunately, the huge majority of them fail because they do not have a systematic and methodical way of doing this. To put it differently, they don’t stick to the 8 easy steps I will teach you.

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Instagram Marketing in 8 Steps

If you would like to be successful on Instagram, then you want to follow these measures. The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to be some type of computer science genius or rocket scientist to follow those measures. You simply need to learn how to follow directions.

Study the Present Markets Supported by Instagram Currently

niches supported by instagram

There are a great deal of marketers who think that they have an awesome item, so what they do is they attempt to make a market for it on Instagram. It should be quite obvious why this is a non-starter. Instagram only brings people with particular interests.

  • Take it or leave it.
  • Either the market exists or it does not.

Rather than trying to bang the drum and create demand in which it does not exist, concentrate on what currently exists on Instagram and give people what they’re searching for.

So how do you go about discovering markets that are existing?

First, do a tag search for anything and everything about the niche that you want to market. Do you find a good deal of tags associated with your niche? Load those tags up and see the volumes of people enjoying the material which use those tags. This should be in a position to give you a rough idea about how many Instagram users and celebrities are interested in the subset of tags which make up your market.

Select a Particular Niche

select niche

As soon as you’re clear as to whether a specific market has enough tags, do not block the analysis there. It’s easy to conclude that after there are enough people tagging videos or photos involving a specific topic category, there’s sufficient demand. It is too early to make that decision. You have to take extra measures.

Make sure it’s enough engagement.

Focus on how many people like photographs using a specific tag. Do people comment a lot? Is there quite a little excitement or action regarding those tags? This highlights whether there’s sufficient consumer interest or curiosity in a specific niche.

Now, just because a specific market has a presence on Instagram, this, in and of itself, does not imply that you ought to market that market because people may not be enthusiastic enough to follow it. People may not care enough for there to be a loyal following around that market. Engagement levels give you a pretty clear idea if there’s sufficient heat there.


Be sure that there’s commercial value in your specialty. I can’t even start to tell you how often I’ve come across entrepreneurs that simply zero in on a market which has plenty of activity. They think they’ve struck gold.

Well, it turns out that those individuals might be passionate about a specific assortment of topics, but they wouldn’t pay money for services or products related to that market. Do not get caught in a gloomy situation in which you invest an enormous amount of time, energy and money only to fail to market the market that you targeted.

To work around this issue, get keywords which are related to the market that you’re targeting and then load it on Google’s keyword planner. An Adwords account gives you access to Google keyword planner and plug in these key words and you’ll see the CPC rate for those key words.

This should let you know, in no uncertain terms, whether just how much people would pay per click for those key words. This gives you a fairly rough idea about how commercial your market is.

Now, you are aware that there’s a tremendous quantity of advertiser interest when individuals are willing to pay $5 or more per click. Now, you probably are looking at a fairly worthless market if advertisers would, at best, pay just 25 cents per click.

Find Instagram Influencers in Your Niche

instagram influencers

Influencers on Instagram are people who are like miniature celebrities. These are individuals who have a major following. These are people who get a good deal of involvement for their content.

Now that you have a very clear idea concerning the market that you should be targeting, you need to compile a list of the top 20 influencers in your specialty. Rank them in terms of the amount of followers that they have.

Reverse Engineer Your Market Influencer’s Content

instagram content

This is where the rocket science come in. You see, plenty of marketers online would create content and they would automatically assume that individuals would be so taken in by their genius and brilliance that their articles would immediately become viral. This, of course, rarely occurs.

You see, when people are on any type of social networking platform, whether we are talking about Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, people already have certain needs. Individuals already have certain patterns. So rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with something entirely new, concentrate on building on something which already exists.

Make no mistake about it, content is currently viral about Instagram in your specialty. It would save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and energy simply by making your own model of stuff that is already common.

With this philosophy, you need to take a look at the Instagram influencers that you’re tracking and ask yourself these questions: What sort of photos do they normally post? Can they post videos or not? Should they post movies, what sort of videos do they bill? What type of production quality criteria do they have?

As soon as you’ve got your answers to these questions, reverse engineer their content quality parameters. To put it differently, you are going to attempt and produce your own versions. Also, focus on the tags that they use.

This is quite important. You are going to reverse engineer this advice also. You are going to copy their label profile. Now, copying does not mean copying and pasting. That would be plagiarism. You are probably going to encounter all kinds of intellectual property legal problems if you do this. Instead, let yourself be inspired by your specialty competitors.

Reverse Engineer Their Descriptions

reverse engineer descriptions

Just because you are able to reverse engineer someone’s tags, you may even reverse engineer their descriptions. Now, what is very interesting about Instagram is that Instagram personalities develop a following due to their persona. They are bigger than life, they have a bizarre sense of humor, and they are weird or unusual.

That is what draws attention because if you are just like everyone else, nobody is going to follow you. Nobody would care. Why? You are just like everyone else. There is more of you out there. People are searching for the weird.

People are searching for the unusual. People are searching for a person who came off the beaten path. This is what you will need to copy. I am not saying that you ought to be an entire clone of these individuals, but there has to be that element of surprise. There needs to be some unconventional twist or quirk that would draw people to follow you instead of someone else.

This is emphasized in how these characters describe their photographs. This is really where their character jumps out at you. This is the payload of terrific content. So you will need to reverse engineer that. You will need to catch some of that character. Also, focus on the way they call people to action with their photos. Because you need to realize that on Instagram, you may only get traffic if people click through your primary profile and click on your own homepage link on your main profile.

To put it differently, they need to jump through many hoops to drive traffic to you. So listen to how influencers in your market have the ability to do that. They generally use descriptions that push people to want to click on their profiles. You should do the same.

Post Only Videos and Photos Which are of Better Quality

instagram videos and photos

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road. Seriously. That is where your Instagram advertising campaign will fail or succeed. You see, if you post the exact same stuff that your competition is posting and there is really nothing qualitatively different from the materials and theirs. You are basically telling the individuals that are following your tags which they’d be better off after the people they’re already following.

Quite simply, there is really no incentive for them to follow you rather than somebody else that covers the exact same niche. You are pretty much generic. You guys are pretty much singing the same song. Can you see how this works? So you must think of something that’s qualitatively better, and it has to be obvious.

People don’t need to guess, people do not have to jump through many hoops. There needs to be as little puzzle as possible. The manufacturing quality must stick out. It has to really jump at them. By way of instance, if in your specialty, plenty of the images are kind of grainy or dark, come up with something with better lighting.

Produce graphics that are crisp, vivid and more vibrant. At the same time you use the exact tags and you use the identical description fashion, the quality of the content, in and of itself, will convince people. Just by taking a look at your stuff, they could tell that this material is so much better than the stuff that they are used to.

While that cracks the door open and gets your foot in the door, you will need to do this consistently. You can not just post a wonderful set every once in a while and anticipate your brand to stand out head and shoulders out of your competition. It doesn’t work like that. You must do this consistently. You must do it, and do it, and take action.

Engage with Market Influencers

engage instagram influencers

The funny thing about social media is that it really all boils down to standing. And the funny thing about standing is that it is infectious. Seriously. If you understand very powerful people, chances are, a number of their influence will rub off on you in the eyes of their followers.

Let’s put it this way, if you’re following Lady Gaga, by way of instance, or Justin Bieber, you notice that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga keeps mentioning Joe Blow. They keep repeating the name Joe Blow because they are giving shout outs to Joe Blow. They are talking about Joe Blow. You are probably thinking this Joe Blow is likely somebody important enough for me to want to test out.

Believe me, a substantial portion of those people following influencers would look up these characters. And this contributes to such individuals gaining a certain degree of authenticity and authority. Use this dynamic to work for you.

How can you start the ball rolling?

Very easy, give market influencers a free shout out. You simply mention them. And you need to do this repeatedly over an elongated time period. It may look as if you are just basically yelling from the dark, it can look like there is just this echo chamber, but believe me, it’s an effect because within an elongated time period, you’ll get on their radar. They would begin paying attention to this individual that just keeps mentioning them and at some point, the power of reciprocity will kick in.

What is the energy of reciprocity?

It’s very easy. People are nice to other folks that are nice to them. So take the initiative. Take the first step and be great to them by giving them a free shout out. You need to do this quite regularly over a protracted time period, but finally, reciprocity will catch up to you and these people, simply by mentioning you, will give some of their authority and credibility to you and this may possibly result in you expanding your audience on Instagram.

Place Your Squeeze Page URL on Your Profile Page

squeeze page url

Did you notice that I stated squeeze page URL? I didn’t say homepage, I didn’t say blog or primary page? The cause of this is due to the fact that the huge majority of people who will click on your connection will be gone for good as soon as they visit your site once.

  • You may really only have one shot at making a fantastic impression.
  • You really only have one chance at getting a bite at the apple. Make it count.

This is the reason you will need to direct them to your squeeze page as your squeeze page highlights your value proposition. Your squeeze page also gets them to subscribe to your email list. When people are on your email, you get many opportunities at branding them. You get many chances of interacting with them and possibly converting them.

  • So do yourself a huge favor and emphasize your squeeze page.
  • That ought to be the number one thing you are promoting on Instagram.

How can you do that?

You draw a whole lot of attention to your own profile with each post. You basically keep saying to people, “take a look at my profile, check out my profile.” Just keep doing this. Keep hammering it. And then underline the value of your squeeze page on your picture’s descriptions.

Using this method, all of your content would wind up enjoying the value of your squeeze page without coming off as spammy. People would see with every post that there is some type of context that you are creating. It’s not like you are coming from nowhere. If you can do so, then the payload of your squeeze page becomes evident.

It also does not hurt that you call people straight. Ask them to enjoy your stuff. Ask them to upvote your material or preferred it. Bear in mind that this isn’t a worthless action. The more your material is upvoted, the more prominent your articles will be in your label group, and this would result in more targeted eyeballs.


This is how you play the game right. Any other approach will fail. Do yourself a major favor and follow these 8 steps and begin earning money off Instagram.

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