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Process Automation Advertising Software

Process automation is one of the most important things that you have to implement for your business. And if you want to run hands-free advertising campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, send emails to 3rd-party leads, or post , then you will certainly need my auto-posting software to do the job.

Autoposting on classified ads websites and/or social media sites will streamline your marketing and advertising which could substantially improve the profitability of your business.

There are lots of auto posters out there but none can match the superior ease offered by Frank Jones, this is the most reliable and best functioning automation software that you can use and I’m always there to offer customer service.

See all the advertising software I currently offer here

  • 3rd Party Leads Email Software – None of the big companies (aweber, get response, vertical response, constant contact, icontact, mail chimp, etc.) will let you email to 3rd party leads. Those are the leads you buy, or get from some other resource. But with my new email software, you most certainly can! Learn more >>
  • Twitter Software – Your marketing can be done free of cost if you use Twitter wisely. Use this automated Twitter poster for more traffic and more sales. Promote your products and Increase sales. Learn more >>
  • Facebook Software – So simple and easy to use that even a newbie could do it; and moreover, this system will take you only minutes a day giving you the potential for consistent profits and traffic month after month. Learn more >>
  • Classifieds Software – Posts one ad every 30 minutes for 12 hours! My new uAdPost software is really simple, basic and helps you promote any income opportunity! Anyone who wants targeted traffic should use this software. Learn more >>
  • LinkedIn Software – LinkedIn software is simple, basic and creates big opportunity in any niche! Anyone who wants targeted traffic can use this software. Learn More >>

A Closer Look at my Advertising Software

If you are dead serious on improving your profitability and driving tons of traffic to your website, then you have to automate your advertising work on social media and classified ads websites. So here are two of the most important benefits that your company can get from my autoposting software packages.


reduce-cost-minPosting ads, whether to classified sites, or social media channels, is not simple. If you are doing it manually, then your posting tasks will eat up a lot of your valuable time.

To avoid this, the first thing that you will probably do is to hire someone who will post the ads. And if you really want to reach lots of targeted prospects, then you will probably need several assistants that will work daily just to post your ads.

This is an expensive proposition because you have to pay those people who will post the ads. You can eliminate this problem and substantially reduce your expenses by using software that can perform autoposting work. By using software, all you have to pay is my one-time fee to use the full version of the software.

More Visibility for Your Ads

Manual posting of ads can be severely handicapped by the natural limitation of a human to find the appropriate market in the quickest time possible. That is because a human poster will browse individual

categories, select specific locations, write the ad, and post it. This process of posting just a single ad can take as much 30 minutes to one hour.

But if you use auto posting software, you will be able to saturate your target market in just a few clicks of the mouse. The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. So, just imagine the significant edge that you can have over your competitors if you can automate posting. You can certainly dominate your market niche because your ads will become more visible, more often.

The enormous benefits that you can enjoy by autoposting ads cannot be discounted. Automating your advertising and marketing processes is probably the ultimate solution in improving your sales performance and increasing the profitability of your business.

Does Your Advertising Software Work?

The job of my any of my software packages is to post ads and/or your marketing message. And yes, my software does really work… my software does what it is designed and shown to do. But I know when you ask if it works, you mean something entirely different – you’re asking if it will make sales for you.

The job of my software is to either respond to ads, or to place ads… nothing more, nothing less.

  • It is you who fills the software with ads to use (either to respond to ads, or to place ads)
  • and it is the job of your ads to grab people’s attention and to get them to click

If you give the software mediocre, non-responsive ads to use, yet expect good results – it won’t happen – the software can’t make your mediocre ads, suddenly great ads that make people interested in whatever it is you’re selling.

  • People often forget that THEY actually have a role to play in their success
  • and that role starts with writing great ads that compel people to want to know more.

That’s marketing 101

Also, any good marketer knows that:

  • they may very well need to test many ads and many headlines in order to create the most responsive ads
  • and you can only know if ads are responsive if you are actually tracking results
  • These are things I seldom hear marketers talking about

I ultimately can’t say how much success you will have, because I don’t control the one variable that makes all the difference… your ads.

The one thing I can control is the creating of software that goes out there and does what I say it will do – and my software will most certainly go out and do that.