Niche Website Done For You Setup Service

Niche websites are a great way to make money and with my done for you setup service, I make setting up and owning a niche website for passive income easy.

niche website done for you setup service

If you already read, “How To Make Passive Income With Niche Websites,” you already understand how you could earn $38,000 a year (or more) with this passive income strategy. Now, to make it even easier for you to get setup and headed in the right direction, I offer a done-for-you setup service. I’ll setup your niche website, fully optimize it and do the advertising for 30 days to drive traffic.

Earn Income From a Niche Website I Setup For You

You want to make money online. You see the potential in making money online with a turnkey niche website, but being able to actually get a website setup might issue.

  • You might not know how to setup a niche WordPress website
  • You might only know a little bit, but not enough to do this
  • You might not know how to optimize a site correctly
  • You might not know how to do all the banners and ads you want up
  • Or you might just prefer to have an expert do it for you

Regardless of the reason for wanting me to setup your niche website for you, niche websites are a great way to make money and with my done for you setup service, I make setting up and owning a niche website for passive income easy.

How Much Does it Cost?

niche website done for you setup service costInitially, I thought that to arrive at a cost for this niche website done for you setup service, I needed to know your expectations.

  • There’s light work I can do to drive traffic
  • and there’s go bonkers work I can do to drive traffic
  • and many levels in between

Each would have its own cost.

But I already most likely know what you want:

  • You want a turnkey niche site in a lucrative niche
  • you want to put ads on that site (whether Adsense, Clickabank, or something else)

You also probably want to add additional content to increase the size of your site like I suggest in how to make passive income with niche websites, so you can target more keywords in that niche and have content on your site around those keywords, which can then drive more traffic from search engines.

The more content your site has across related keywords to the niche, the better.

THIS very website is a testament to this and the content I regularly add to my site:

  • ranks in Google
  • drives traffic from Google (and other search engines)
  • and gets social shares, which drives even more traffic back to my website
  • and that’s before I even do ANY traffic generation!

What I’m Offering To Do For You

niche website done for you setup serviceMy suggestion would be to first:

  • click here and read that page
  • watch the video and download the PDF
  • I have more than 479 different niche sites I can setup for you


  • pick a niche site you want me to setup for you
  • email me and I’ll do a video overview of the site you’re interested so you can be sure you want that one
  • get a domain name
  • I offer free lifetime hosting if you don’t want to have your own hosting account

From there:

  • I’ll set the site up
  • put up whatever advertising you want up
  • I’ll optimize the site, which is another word for do the SEO on the site, as each site comes loaded with content.
  • I’ll add 10 more unique articles targeting different keywords related to that niche and that I think we could rank for.

For off page SEO, backlink building and traffic generation:

  • Also, for 30 days, I’ll use SocialAdr, which I personally use to drive traffic to my sites and get valuable backlinks to my site.

The one-time cost to do all the above?

Just $249. You’re getting a lot of value and my personal expertise for the money.

Additionally, if you wanted to pay me another $99/mo.

  • I’ll add 3 new pieces of content to your site each month
  • and continue to use SocialAdr to drive more traffic to your niche site

This is exactly what I personally do for my websites and it works. I also do larger custom packages. Contact me.

NOTE: my turnaround time to get your website up and running is 5 business days, which is fast. See other requirements below.

Ready to get started?

If you already know which niche website you want and have a domain name and hosting (if you want me to set this up in your own hosting account), click the payment button below to get started. After purchase you’ll be redirected to a submission form.

Basic Niche Website Setup $249

niche website done for you setup service

Please be sure to click, “return to merchant” after purchase.

Niche Website Setup With Monthly Option $249 + $99/mo.
($249 will be charged today, then $99/mo. starting in 30 days)

niche website done for you setup service

Please be sure to click, “return to merchant” after purchase.

Project Requirements:

  • You need your own domain name
  • You need your own website hosting (GoDaddy, HostGator, or HostMonster only)
  • I need your FTP info, or the login to your hosting account


  • you’ll need to supply me with your affiliate links and banners to whatever you want to promote.
  • If you want something like AdSense included, I’ll need your AdSense code.

I’ll send a detailed email after purchase telling you exactly what I need.

If you’re providing your own hosting account MUST support PHP5, MySQL4 and cPanel.

These websites CANNOT be installed on free hosts (even with upgraded account) like:

  • weebly,
  • bravehost
  • and even

After purchase: step one is to let me know which niche you’re interested in, if you don’t already know.

I’ve supplied a PDF here so you can see ALL the niche titles. Once you let me know which niche title you want, I’ll do a short video showing you all the turnkey sites I have for that niche. From there, just let me know which one you want and I’ll get started!