How to Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

make money online without sellingToday I’m going to be explaining to you how to make money online without selling anything. Internet marketing is very popular and lots of people are searching for ways to make money online.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming saturated as a lot affiliate marketers are out there trying to promote their products and as such, there’s a lot of competition out there. It’s becoming harder to make money online with all of this competition.

Of course, you can still rise to the top, but you’ve got to find more creative ways to become successful. So basically, you know with all that competition out there, I want to explain another method, another route that you can go by in terms of making money online which requires less pressure and just requires helping people out and providing helpful content.

How You Can Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

You may have heard of the arbitrage method where marketers will pay for traffic and drive that traffic to one of their websites where they get paid whenever visitors click on their ads. Basically their profit is the revenues they get from those ads minus the expenses of paying for traffic.

Now this method I’m going to explain is an arbitrage method, but instead of paying for traffic and driving it to a website, what you are going to do here is you’re going to drive traffic to squeeze page first.

A squeeze page for those of you who don’t know, is a lead generation page where you offer something for free and the visitor will opt-in (fill in their name and email) to get your free product. You can see an example of this type squeeze page here.

Once somebody opts-in, they can be redirected to a thank-you page where they can not online download whatever the free product is, but you can also include a link back to your website (where you have ads displayed). The goal here is to get them back to your website so they can read your blog posts and click on your ads (which you get paid for) so you can make money online without selling anything.

You don’t have to create the content for these blogs. 

You can buy done for you niche blogs. Here’s a video covering what these ready-made websites look like.

Pre-Made Niche Blogs

Now where do you find these pre-made niche blogs? I offer these turnkey niche blogs here. I offer over 479 different niche blogs, the prices are very reasonable and there’s a video on the page explaining how it works and I show a few samples of these blogs that are already done for you.

Another thing too, when you get one of these blogs the content is already on there. If you want to add more content you can just do a Google search for PLR articles or you could use iWriter and just hire a ghostwriter to write more content for you.

Placing Ads on Your Blogs

When you’re placing the ads on your blogs you can use Google Adsense as a platform to get paid. However a lot of people do have trouble getting approved with Adsense and some people even just get banned from Adsense.

There are a lot of alternatives out there fortunately and one of the very popular ones is a site called Revenue Hits. It’s very easy, simple and you can get approved quickly and start running and putting ads on your blogs and getting paid for clicks.

I do suggest you do search for other platforms out there they could use, but to start out with you can use Revenue Hits and that’s a very popular program that you can use start getting paid for clicks on ads.

Getting Traffic

Now there are several traffic methods that you can use, but I’ll just list a couple of the traffic methods that I like to use and a lot of marketers like to use and have success with.

Solo Ads

The first one here solo ads and that is where you pay someone that has a list to email their list your offer. You provide them the swipe, text or ad to put in the emails and you would provide them with a link to your squeeze page.

You could do a Google search for solo ad networks out there. Just off the top of my head my favorite ones is and that’s a great solo ad network. You can also rate and provide feedback on solo ad sellers and you can see how good a quality their traffic is before buying from them. You can also just contact vendors and also other people that are already in your niche and just ask them if they could send out an email on your behalf if they have a list.

Ad Swaps

Another method you could use is ad swaps. This is a free traffic method and it’s where you agree with someone else that has a list to basically email each other’s offer. The only problem with this is that you would need a list first if you are going to do a ad swap with someone. To start off with I do recommend you purchase solo ads first


Another traffic method you could use in your quest to make money online without selling is YouTube videos and the course of this is free. You just create videos or purchase PLR videos and edit them a little so that they are unique because if you do upload duplicate videos on YouTube they will not yet approved. So create videos. This is a free traffic method, but it does take time and effort… but again, it is free. If you have the time, create videos and put a link to your squeeze page in the description box below the video.

Other Tips

I just want to share a few other tips and the first one is autoresponders.  As I noted above, you will be driving traffic to a squeeze page first and once people are on your list you can set up pre-written autoresponder messages and load them into an autoresponder provider like AWeber.

Once people are on your list, you can then start sending out emails and drive your subscribers to various articles on your blog and of course these articles will have more ads and the greater the content the more likely they’ll click on the ads on these articles.

You Can Also Promote Paid Offers

Once you are gathering these leads you now have a list and feel free to promote paid offers too. You don’t always just have to drive them to the content on your blog. Once you develop a relationship with your subscribers they’re more likely to buy from you. So don’t be afraid to try to sell something to them.

I know the main topic on this course was how to make money online without selling, but hey, you now have the option to also promote paid offers with this list if you so desire. To earn other income streams feel free to promote paid affiliate offers to your list.

Final Thoughts

My final point is to take care of your list and it will take care of you. My list has been a great source of income for me in my business and for a lot of marketers, so make sure you take care of your list. Always be sure to provide lots of great content, nurture your relations with them and every once in a while they will be willing to pay for products that you promote to them.

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