Make Money Fast at Home with Online Income Opportunities

make money fast at home

The Internet has revolutionized various sectors of industry. It has even created a new platform for us to make a living. Today, we can make money fast at home by working online. There are various opportunities that we can invest in so as to make a good living on the Internet.

What is required for you to make money fast at home?

Simply get a computer, some Internet access and begin working. Many of these opportunities do not require very specialized skills as they are simple to perform.

How to Make Money Fast at Home

The amount of money that you earn depends on the volume and value of work that you complete. Generally, the more you do, the higher you earn. Some of them actually pay you instantly!

Here’s how to make money fast at home with online income opportunities that offer instant payments.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a very interesting way to make money fast at home that pays you for your opinion. The platform gives you an opportunity to give your opinion on songs and pays you for it. Payments are made through PayPal every Tuesday and Friday. Every day, Slice the Pie sends you a music track. After receiving it, you can listen to it and give your feedback on whether it is hot or not.

Upon submitting your opinion, you get paid money into your account.

After working through the week, you can cash out on Thursday and have your money deposited in your PayPal on Friday. It is as simple as that. You can also increase your earnings by referring your friends to Slice the Pie. When they give reviews of music tracks, you can earn extra bonuses. It is an entertaining and profitable way to earn fast money online.


If you enjoy dealing with various types of media online for the purpose of profit, then this is the online working opportunity that you should invest in. Swagbucks is a platform that you can join and get paid for watching videos, completing offers that are paid, completing surveys and referring friends to the service. After you complete a specific task, you immediately earn Swagbucks. These are points which you can redeem for cash or gift cards that are valid for online shopping. The platform is available for users in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. You have to be over the age of 13 to use it.

Field Agent

This is an online income opportunity that is facilitated through a smartphone application available for both Android and iOS platforms. Field Agent is a platform that pays you for a little leg work. Simply log into your account through the application and search for tasks to perform within your area. After that, complete the research, submit the details of what you found and then wait to get paid.

The tasks are very simple.

They involve going to physical stores and assessing factors such as display compliance, shelf availability and product demos. After performing each job, you can get paid between $3 and $12. All you have to do is select a task from the list provided in the application. After that, you have to complete it within 2 hours and you get paid for it upon submission.

You can cash out through PayPal as long as your account balance is more than $2. Field Agent gives you an awesome opportunity to make money fast at home through your smartphone.

The Effortless Web Cash Formula

Effortless Web Cash Formula is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make money online. It is a system developed by Lauryn Herbert and you can get cash paid instantly to your PayPal or Payza account in hours by simply giving away a free ebook to others.

Making money online just doesn’t get any EASIER than this.

You can make money fast at home within the next 24 hours from right now and I am positive you have never seen anything quite like this before. Regular folks can start making money almost immediately using this simple system and with less than 1 hour of total set-up time.

Download the ebook, read through the entire business plan and see what you think. There’s no catch and no strings! Once you’ve read the ebook, what you do with the information is entirely up to you


PaidViewpoint is an online working platform where you get paid for completing surveys. Interestingly, they pay you as soon as you sign up! After creating an account, you will find that you have qualified for all the surveys in their platform. All payments are made in cash. Simply log in once every day to complete a survey that will only take you 3 minutes to finish. To cash out, you have to earn at least $15. Payment is made to your PayPal as soon as you hit the minimum cash out amount.

Bank Roll Bucks

An interesting platform for making money online is the Bank Roll Bucks. This platform will pay you for playing games, completing surveys and watching videos too. You only need $1 to cash out and payment is made directly to your PayPal account.

Bank Roll Bucks also gives you an opportunity to earn gift cards which you can use for shopping online. You can also make money on this platform through their referral program. Bank Roll Bucks gives you an opportunity to make money fast at home on a daily basis.


Do you have a skill that you would like to get paid for? Here is a platform which can help you to do just that. Fiverr lets you get paid for doing fun, interesting and unique tasks. Simply head to the site and create a free profile. After that, create a task that you would like to perform for your target customers. There are unlimited tasks to perform. However, each has some restrictions attached.

Examples of services that you can provide include:

  • modeling
  • doing voice overs
  • video editing
  • image retouching
  • marketing
  • social media management
  • and even giving professional advice

You can charge your customers between $5 and $30 for every gig that you provide. All payments are made into your PayPal immediately after you complete your gig. Fiverr is convenient, interesting and lets you perform your passion for a handsome payment.


Today, it is very possible to work and make money fast at home. The online platforms indicated above provide you with an opportunity to make money fast at home. They all make the payments through online money transfer methods such as PayPal. As such, they are secure and reliable.

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