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Letting Go to Get Everything

The more that I have learned to LET GO, the more life fulfillment I have received.

As I look back over these years of lessons that enhanced my vision of reality, the law of detachment is one of the most valuable principles that I have gained from constant implementation.

To be completely upfront, there was a time in my life about a decade ago where it was all about me. Self-preservation is a must but as I have analyzed my true intentions, they were once very selfish in my opinion. The words “I” and “my” used to be my go to description of what all the objectives in my life were mainly for. My point had to be heard…My feelings had to be protected…My way or the highway….or….I have to stay number 1…I have to make sure that I am taken care of. The list can go on and on and on.

To some these may seem like normal ways of thought and I also had no idea how limiting this thought process was. If you are thinking that I am saying that in order to maximize in life you should not take care of yourself, please read on and be patient because by the end of this it will make much more sense.

I did not realize this at the time but there was a switch that I started to make in 2009. Due to certain principles that I started studying and implementing on a daily basis, my definitions and interpretations started to change dramatically. “My” and “I” became more inclusive because I started to look at the world as one moving part with trillions of sub-parts that we ALL were a part of. The more that I continued to act on this understanding, the more “stuff” I continued to LET GO of.

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For instance, when I got up to 300 pounds in 2009 and reflected on “my” patterns at the time, they included me eating whenever I was “hungry” regardless of how I felt. I became attached to a way of living that my body did not like but my habits took full control of. On top of my self-assessment, as the “my” in my life started to include the family, friends, and mentees that were looking up to me, I felt more compelled to give an example of leadership that included a mastery on ALL LEVELS instead just a few. Because I was financially independent and number in my sales career, I did not put the same attention on my core ability which was my health. I had to LET GO of that belief system which led me to hire a nutritionist/body builder/personal trainer who put me on a path to gaining my physical freedom.

The old “I” used to also abuse alcohol and disguise my abuse as “celebration” because I did extremely well at the career that I retired from in 2013. I had become accustomed to using different forms of outside stimulation every time I did something that was considered good. The new “I” started to look at the track record of my reckless decision-making processes and decided to make a drastic move to increase my longevity here on this earth. I did not realize it at the time but once again, the new definition included much more benefit to the ALL versus treating the emotional voids that I had due to “my” lack of personal development at the time. I permanently LET GO of my habit of drinking October 31st 2009.

Those are just 2, but so many people, thoughts and actions have been LET GO of and replaced over my years of development. Evolution cannot take place without a transformation and a true transformation will require emotional and physical vulnerability. I sincerely believe that we were all born in a state of pure perfection and the more that we have allowed life to add emotional baggage to us the more we have been pulled from our true potential.

I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to share one of the most important and valuable lessons in my life. The only question left to ask is… What are YOU willing to let go of starting today to help you get to the places that you deserve to get to in this lifetime?


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