How to Write Product Reviews For Affiliate Cash

how to write product reviews for affiliate cash

Product reviews are one of the main ways to make money with affiliate marketing. You can earn a commission for every customer that purchases a product after reading your review. However, consumers are becoming more and more savvy, which means you need to take more care in writing product reviews that can convert into affiliate cash.

If you want to know how to write product reviews for affiliate cash, you should be very familiar with the product that you are reviewing. That’s step one. You should understand the idiosyncrasies of using that particular product and be able to help the reader gain new insights into it. Internet users are smart, and they will be able to tell when you are reviewing a product without actually using it. If everything you write is based on just the simple product description, it will be obvious to the reader.

NOTE: You can easily adapt these tips for writing product reviews of digital products like an online income opportunity.

The Art of Writing Product Reviews

It is crucial that the reader trusts your knowledge of the products. Such trust depends on your reputation. Even within the short amount of time that a visitor interacts with your website, you will develop a reputation. There are several things you can do to improve your reputation in the reader’s eyes. Conveying detailed information about the product is the best way to do this. However, there are additional steps to take.

Including high-quality and original pictures of products is very important when you’re dealing with a physical good. In the case of digital products, you should at least try to include screen captures or other relevant images as well. Not only do the pictures prove that you used the product, but they can show useful information that is not available elsewhere. For example, maybe you would like to show the size of the product in comparison to your hand. You can also show how that product can be used in a particular setting such as indoors or outdoors.

Two important details to include in all of your product reviews are your name and face. You should not be shy and overlook these steps. No one wants to trust an anonymous person who is trying to sell something on the internet. Instead, write quality and trustworthy content that you are willing to put your name behind. Include a portrait photo as well. People want to see who is recommending a product. If a man is trying to recommend a particular brand of maternity clothes, a reader would have every right to be suspicious about the authenticity of that product review.

How to Write Product Reviews for Affiliate Cash Though Trust

The best way to gain the reader’s trust is to provide something valuable to him or her up front. An example of this is providing a tip or tutorial for using that particular product. You could share a new trick that you have learned that makes the product even better than it already is. If you provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, such as in picture or video format, you are providing value to the visitor.

Best of all, if you show the reader how the product will help him or her, the reader will be more likely to purchase that product. When writing product reviews, you should show and not tell when possible. Show the reader how that new cooking gadget made delicious food in just five minutes. Show the beautiful pictures that your new camera was able to take.


Learning how to write product reviews for affiliate cash is very important for affiliate marketing. If you can genuinely help the reader make better consumer choices, providing real value and gaining trust, your product reviews are more likely to convert.

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