How To Sell Used Stuff On Facebook

how to sell used stuff on facebookSelling used stuff, even other people’s used stuff on Facebook can make you quick easy cash! And selling stuff on Facebook can be big money too!

I’m just going to get right to the point. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn exactly how to sell used stuff on Facebook. And how you can copy these exact steps for yourself.

This is a lot more dependable than the typical affiliate marketing techniques out there. Selling used stuff on Facebook is cash money fast. And doesn’t take that time that blogging and affiliate marketing does.

This is easier and more profitable in the short run. Is it a long-term solution? Maybe. But it will net you quick cash in a crunch. I promise you. It works.

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Selling Used Stuff on Facebook

All it takes is a few hours posting pictures and descriptions to Facebook buy and sell groups and arranging pickup or shipping. That’s it.┬áIf you want to post to a lot of Facebook groups, you could always use a Facebook groups poster.

Confession: I’m an introvert. I hate to sell stuff. But here’s what I’ve learned:

People love to buy stuff. People love a good deal.

The key to making some quick easy money selling items on Facebook is to understand that you don’t have to ‘hard sell’ people.

facebook buy and sell groupsJust post your item(s) to Facebook buy and sell groups, and if they want it they buy it. Easy. In fact, if you do this right, most of the time you will not even have to leave your home, or talk on the phone to anyone. Got that?

You can make 100% of the profits by selling other people’s stuff. Yes, you can sell your own stuff too; but I show you how to sell products on Facebook starting from nothing, with no cost to you.

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I have learned a simple method to make some extra cash selling used stuff on Facebook right from my computer in my house.

It’s streamlined. It’s predictable. It works.

The key to making this work is not just what you are doing, but precisely how you are doing it. I’ve streamlined it. And with some discussion and real-life examples you will understand this too. So let’s explain how.

Here it is: Sell stuff on Facebook.

I know selling through Facebook isn’t sexy, but it’s real. And if you’ll just keep reading you’ll see how stupidly easy it is. How a few hundred bucks in one day is very realistic. And how you can sell used stuff on Facebook too.

Selling used items, even other people’s used items on Facebook can make you quick easy cash!

  • I’m even going to show you how I get people to drop off stuff to me usually for free, so I can sell it; and then get buyers to come pick it up and pay me cash.

just post your item to facebook buy and sell groupsIf you’ve ever tried to have a garage sale, put stuff on eBay, or post on Facebook groups, then you know that it’s not always a slam dunk.

Sometimes there are delays, people ask you to hold it for them and never commit, people don’t show up at the buy location, shipping hassles, etc.

You can waste a lot of time. I know, I’ve done all that. So I learned a few simple but key points to make sales in less time with less work.

Really important: It’s perfectly legal and ethical to sell other people’s stuff on Facebook for 100% of the profits. And pretty much anyone can do this.

Basic steps to selling used stuff on Facebook

First, take decent pictures of the items.

  • If it’s a clothes dresser or refrigerator, do two pics with one having the doors open so people can see it looks clean inside.
  • Make sure the pictures show the whole item and with decent lighting. Pictures help sell. So make it look nice.
  • Clean it up. Dust it off. Make sure there’s no messy crap in the background.

take great photos when selling on facebook
If it’s electronic, then take a pic of the model number so people can google it online. They will make sure your pricing is legit. They usually don’t mind paying a little higher as long as it’s still in the ‘used’ price range.

Posting multiple pictures of the item, and especially showing them it’s clean and working has the correct manufacturer info displayed, etc helps reassure buyers that you’re not hiding anything.

People don’t like getting ripped off, so when you have a nice picture, properly displaying the item, they will trust you. And feel more confident to buy.

Take the time to write out a description of the item.

Most people do not do this when they sell stuff. I’m convinced that if you write out a description it’s like salescopy on a salespage, it helps sell the items. People like to see that you took the time to accurately describe it. It makes them feel like your trustworthy and they’re getting a better quality item. Trust me, this makes a difference. You’ll sell an item faster on Facebook with less stupid comments or negative comments on the post.

Here’s how easy it is:

write a good description when selling on facebook

This Facebook buy and sell group has over 75,000 members! That’s a lot of people who will potentially see your posts. Yes, this is one of the bigger ones, even still there are at least a dozen other groups to join. So if you live anywhere near a decent size area, you’ll be in front of plenty of buyers.


  • You search for a group. This case “Things for sale”
  • Click Join button. It may be instant, or just wait for admin approval.
  • Click ‘Sell Something’ and put in item description.
  • Add your price.
  • Be sure to change the zip code to make sure it’s in the group area.
  • Add photos of item.
  • Click post. That’s it.

Your post will look like this:

completed facebook post in buy and sell groups

Notice how just a few details make a difference.

Always post your price when selling in Facebook groups. Some people post $1234567 or whatever because they want people to make an offer. Don’t. Just name your price and it’s okay to be a bit higher, and if someone is interested they will make you an offer.

  • I always try to tell people where I bought it,
  • or where I think it was purchased.
  • A local store sounds better.
  • And I always say the retail price.

…So that they know they’re getting it used but still about half of the retail price. I’m convinced this makes me $100 more on average for an item like this. There’s no way I could get this price on Ebay or a garage sale.

There’s something about posting it this way on Facebook groups which gets a higher sale price.

how to price items in facebook buy and sell groupsAnd I always post a price ending in 9. Nobody has ever shown up with singles. They always just hand the bigger bills and don’t care about the buck. But you and I know that it just looks better in their mind when they see $249 vs. $250.

And if I’m really hoping to get $200 for an item, I always price it $50 higher.

In the case of a car or refrigerator or something like that… I’ll post a few hundred higher. It’s better to post high at first. If after a day or two, you can ‘bump’ your post with a new lower price. And tell people you need to sell fast so just lowered price by $50, $100, whatever.

This works. But many times, people will just pay your full asking price. The reason is that they know someone else might offer full price too and they want it first.

So they just go ahead and pay full price without any haggle because they don’t want to lose out. And if your item doesn’t sell, I learned to only bump it once. After that, I delete the post, take a new picture and repost it again. This way it looks slightly different, and you don’t look desperate. And this time you might sell it full price. And you didn’t have to discount it. All you did was repost. Believe me this works. It will keep you from loosing money by dropping the price too much.

When to reply to comments

When I’m selling used stuff on Facebook and someone makes me a lower offer in the comments, I never post a response in comments unless it’s real low and I just say no.

  • But if I want to accept or counter their offer, I’ll message them privately. And I’ll comment on the post “just sent you message.” Then they know to check their Facebook messages.
  • This way other potential customers don’t see the haggling in the post. And when I message the person, I usually say “another person offered me more if it doesn’t sell, but she’s can’t pick up until tomorrow. But I might take $X now.”

Then if she responds I’ll say. “Well, could you pick up today?” And she might say, “Yeah if you take $X I can be by in 3-4 hours.” Boom. Right there it’s sold and she’s picking it up, and I only had to take $20-$50 off. And I didn’t have to leave my house.

I put in the description that they pick up and name the nearest street corner. Then once I have a buyer in private message, then I say “I’m watching kids” or whatever, so if you don’t mind pick up at my address.” And I give them my address and tell them to message me when they’re on the way. And they almost never mind.

This saves me so much time and hassle. It’s awesome.

And sometimes, I’ll tell people that I forgot and my wife has a friend who wants it but if they came by with cash (full price) now, they can pick it up. Whatever. Urgency works.

So let’s recap a bit

  • All you’re doing is posting a nice description,
  • naming a slightly higher but realistic price,
  • giving people a sense of urgency (kinda like an auction where they might loose out to a higher bidder),
  • and make them come pick it up.


Look around the house for stuff. Take nice pictures. Get item info off google. Write up a nice sounding description for the post. Research your price, and try a little higher at first. Join several local “Buy Sell” groups on Facebook. Collect the cash.

When you look for groups, just type in Facebook search “Buy Sell City Name” and hit enter. Sometimes you might choose to search by groups. Also, try “Things for Sale CityName” “Stuff for Sale Barter CityName” etc.

  • If you live near a decent size town, you’ll see lots of groups. Join them all.
  • And Facebook will suggest groups to you too.
  • I join as many as I can and post the same item/picture/description in multiple groups.
  • So this way you get more exposure.

This helps to sell stuff faster. Again, often the same day.

Here’s a few more examples for searching groups:

  • “CITY NAME BUY, SELL OR TRADE” (Facebook is caps sensitive so try that too)
  • “East City Name Buy Sell” (use directions or local area names)
  • “Suburb Name Buy Sell”
  • “Things for sale in a man’s world”
  • “Things for sale for real men”
  • “Just between friends buy sell”
  • “Her treasures buy sell”
  • “Things 4 sale CityName”
  • “City Name Online Garage Sale”
  • “Barter Trade Giveaway City Name”

use spreadsheet to keep track of facebook groupsI generally keep an excel spreadsheet with all the group names, items posted in each group. I also have the pictures and item description all typed out.

This way I can just copy paste the item into one group after another to speed things up. When I want to post to lots of groups, I’ll use a Facebook Groups Auto-Poster.

Some groups post immediately, other groups wait for admin approval. Don’t worry about it. Just read the group rules first, just to make sure you’re compliant in case they have any specific requirement.

For example: some Facebook groups will say item must be plugged in if it’s electronic. So be sure to take a picture with it on and working. Sometimes the group requires you to say if you require pickup or not.

Or some groups want you to only post if you live in that part of town.

But I just post anyway and change the pickup location. Then when somebody wants to buy, I tell them I’m stuck watching kids, etc. And they will almost always come pick up. But once or twice I met someone half way at a parking lot. No big deal. I still made money.

Now, most people have stuff they can sell right away.

But what if you don’t have a lot of valuable stuff to sell on Facebook? First, you probably do if you look hard enough. It you haven’t used it in a while, you’re not gonna miss it. Sell it. Make some cash. Move on.

Here’s a way to get some valuable stuff for FREE, that you can sell

Now let’s discuss a few examples of how this works. And make clear your mindset to make this work. Again, I’m an introvert. So I don’t like to go door-to-door selling stuff. Thankfully here, with this method, I don’t have to. And neither do you.

First, think about human nature.

  • Most people, probably at least 50-70% of people collect things.
  • They buy stuff they think they need or want, and a little while later they hardly use it.
  • Electronics, clothes, art, furniture, memorabilia, lawn care, kitchen gadgets, etc.
  • Often people have buyers remorse, but they feel attached to the items now.
  • They often feel guilty or have angst about just throwing it away or even dropping it off at Goodwill or service.

So if you offer to people to give it to you, especially for a good cause, like a fundraising project, they are glad to help you and get rid of their extra stuff at the same time. Did you get that? This is key. Most people have stuff they no longer want, but are reluctant to part with it, unless they get something out of it. And what they ‘get’ out of it here is helping you.

So this is how you are providing them a service and doing them a favor.

  • You are a good reason for them to get rid of stuff they no longer want,
  • and inside they feel happy to give it to you.

If you own or rent a house: This is probably the easiest scenario. Because you can have donors drop stuff off and have buyers come pick it up without ever have to leave your house.

What if you live in an apartment or condo?

Especially if you are a single lady living by yourself and are not comfortable with strangers coming to your door, which is completely understandable, there is a way around this. Do you have a neighbor a few doors down? Ask your neighbor if you can come over and have the buyer meet you there. Then when they show up, you are with another person, and the buyer doesn’t know where you live.

Or, what if you have a friend at work, or a relative that doesn’t mind helping you store the items at their house? Then you can have people drop off stuff to their address and the buyers pick it up there too. You can even offer to cut your friend or relative in on a share of the profits if needed; but most likely you don’t even need to do that.

What if you work at a job where your boss doesn’t mind if you store some items at work?

  • You can have people drop off stuff at your work, during business hours,
  • and have buyers pick it up from your work during business hours too.

See how this works? With a little creativity it’s not hard to find a drop-off point / meetup location.

The point here is you are just bring buyers and sellers together and it doesn’t even have to be your house.


bigger or valuable items sell well on facebookMost bigger or valuable items sell well on Facebook. You want to try it on Facebook first to maximize your profits. I even sold an old pickup truck on Facebook!

A friend said he’d help me, and I was shocked to find out he was just going to give me his old truck. So I paid him $10 or something to sign over the car title at a local bank, then posted his truck on Facebook and made $2,300 cash less than a week later. Boom!

Now, that was a really big item. And not everyone gives you a TV or truck. So what if it’s just a bag or box of clothes and small items that are not worth much individually?

You can try selling them as a ‘lot’ on Facebook.

Put several related items together and sell them that way. I’ve done this many times.

  • I sold a few collection of books.
  • I put a fiction collection together and sold a whole box of books for $45.
  • I did this with old school textbooks too.
  • I also did a ‘self help’ collection which had some self-development books, DVDs, and ‘how to’ books together.
  • I’ve done this same idea with music CDs and movie DVDs too.

People are more likely to pay for the whole lot and pick it up. This way you can avoid a garage sale and trying to sell each one for $1 each.


I hope your mind is working on ideas now. Because this works! I haven’t kept track, but over the last couple years with this streamlined method, I’ve probably made an extra 10k. Did you get that?!

Selling used stuff on Facebook can be some quick emergency cash for you if you’re in a crunch, but it can also be a fairly steady extra income too! With a little creativity, you can post stuff regularly on Facebook. It’s cash money.

  • It can work in as little as a day, or a couple days.
  • You can make a quick couple hundred, even a few thousand in a short time.

It’s hard to find a way making this money this fast with blogging or seo or affiliate marketing. Believe me, I’ve tried. But posting stuff on Facebook is a proven money maker every time! Really it’s not hard work for some easy quick cash.

Now, don’t think about it. Just do it. Go look around for stuff right now. Take a picture of it, and post it. The sooner you do, the sooner you can make some money! So take action, post on Facebook and make some cash!

Finally, and at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, this is not hard. It’s simple. It’s real money.

So don’t talk yourself out of it. Just do it. It works!

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