How to Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing

how to make a website for affiliate marketing

There are many ways of making money online. Some of these methods are active in nature. This means that they require active participation and manipulation for you to make money. Examples of these are writing website content, transcription, data entry and completing projects that require special skills. These are known as active income sources. On the other hand, there are methods of making money on the Internet which require little or no participation from you. They are known as passive income sources and chief among them is affiliate marketing. Read on to learn more about it and how to make a website for affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of online promotion where you can suggest products or services to the visitors of your website or blog. If they buy these products, you get to earn a commission from the seller of the merchandise. While you can certainly make money in affiliate marketing without a website, it’s a lot easier and more lucrative to have your own website or blog. So how does it system work?

How affiliate marketing works with your own website or blog?

You begin by having a niche blog or a niche website that contains some information that is relevant to a particular niche of Internet users. You could even begin with an email list and it will work fine. As long as you have a steady flow of visitors to your site or subscribers to your mailing list, you have a good target market for affiliate marketing.

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After establishing one of the above resources, you can proceed to partner with a company that sells a service or product which you would like to recommend to your visitors and readers. This is obviously a product or service that is relevant to their interests and your website. Once you make this partnership, you automatically become their affiliate. Sometimes, you can be referred to as an associate, such as with Amazon.

How to promote products you’re affiliated with

You can do this by:

  • creating links
  • banner advertisements
  • buttons
  • pop ups
  • and in-text links

Your website visitors can then click if they are interested in the product that you are selling. You can also mention the product or service in your emails, indicate its benefits and spread word about it on your social media pages.

The objective is to get as many people as possible to learn about how the service or product can improve their lives. This will grab their interest and make them want to click on the links that you provide.

When you are inserting invitation links in your material, you should use a special type of link.

It is known as your affiliate link and you get it from the company that you are partnering with. It contains a special ID number which is unique to you. Make sure that you use this special affiliate link in all your product or service promotion efforts. You can take it one step further and protect your affiliate links with link cloaking software.

After posting the affiliate link in all the online resources that you have, your followers or visitors might click on it and land in the affiliate company’s page. Once there, they could make a purchase. Immediately after they do, you earn a commission on the value of the purchase. If you are a convincing affiliate marketer, many more of your followers and visitors can end up on the affiliate company’s website and make purchases. This increases the amount of your commissions over time.

Eventually, your partner company compensates you through a payout. This can be after a set period of time or after your money reaches a certain threshold. Once you have the marketing system set up, your affiliate links in all the right places and your visitors making regular purchases through these links, you have officially created a passive income source known as affiliate marketing.

How to make a website for affiliate marketing

The process of getting your own website for the purpose of affiliate marketing involves 3 main steps.

They include:

  • Getting your own website domain and hosting
  • Installing WordPress CMS
  • Designing your website as you wish

Getting your own website domain and hosting

Your domain name is the first element to get when building a website for affiliate marketing. It is the unique identifier of your website on the Internet. By choosing a domain, you essentially name your site and people can search for it using this identifier. There are many vendors of valid domain names. A good example is Bluehost. You can start by heading to their website and conduct a name search of your proposed domain. This will tell you if someone else has already registered the name you want to use.

If you find that your domain name is unique, you can head to the plan selection page. Bluehost is one of the domain registration services that provides package plans that contain a domain name, some hosting for your website and a dedicated email address too.

When you arrive at the plan selection page, simply pick the Starter plan.

It is the most affordable and will provide you with the functions that are necessary for affiliate marketing in your site. After payment, you will be the proud owner of a new domain name, some hosting and a customized email address. It is important to note that plans on Bluehost are billed annually instead of monthly so as to give you a discount. Moreover, they accept all major credit cards and online payment methods too.

Installing the WordPress CMS

To make the process of website building easier, there are some facilities known as Content Management Systems (CMS). They allow you to build a website using drag and drop tools. WordPress is a popular CMS that allows you to construct your website even if you have no coding experience. It also helps you to manage other features and characteristics of your site such as themes, statistics and performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Once you register a domain and get some hosting, the next step is to install the WordPress CMS. You can do this by logging into your Bluehost account and clicking on the button labeled “Install WordPress”. The process takes only a few minutes and once it is done, you can head to your email address and click on a special link to deliver you to your new website which is ready for construction! This link is known as your Admin URL.

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Design and construct your website as you see fit

Once the WordPress CMS is installed, you can use its built-in drag and drop features to add titles, paragraphs, images, videos and other elements into your website. You have the freedom to create whichever features that you want in your site. To provide a uniform look throughout the site, WordPress provides you with themes. Proceed to design your website and insert buttons or banners which have the affiliate link embedded in them. After constructing it to your satisfaction, launch the site across your social media and email listings to begin attracting new visitors and make some money.


Affiliate marketing is the most popular passive income source on the Internet. Webmasters can create multiple sites and post a network of advertisements and links that create a stream of income for them. The guidelines above show you how to make a website for affiliate marketing and provide stepping stones to financial freedom.

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