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Google to divide its index, giving mobile users better & fresher content


Gary Illyes from Google said this morning at his keynote address at Pubcon that Google is creating a separate mobile index, which will ultimately end up being the primary index that they keep current. He added that the desktop index will be the “secondary” index and will not be as up-to-date as the mobile index.

Illyes said that when this mobile index goes live, Google will write something about the change on their webmaster blog. There is no estimated time for this mobile index to happen, but it is something Google is working on.

Currently, Google has a primarily desktop index, with some signals that show if there is a valid mobile version of the page. It looks like Google is going to be maintaining two different indexes — mobile and desktop — sometime in the future.

Here are some of the tweets covering what Illyes said at Pubcon:

I asked webmasters and SEOs what they think of this announcement. Of course, many expected it, but…

We have reached out to Google with multiple questions about this mobile index. As soon as we hear back, we will post an FAQ on the topic.

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