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free sales funnel template

Download a free sales funnel template below.

Here’s a free sales funnel template (lead capture page) download that can help any marketer build and design a customized sales funnel for their internet marketing, or affiliate marketing business. Be sure to also grab my free follow-up email sequence and give yourself a complete sales funnel system. A sales funnel is an excellent tool that any online marketer can use because it consistently generates income no matter what niche you’re in.

Some Things You May Want to Consider Before Downloading My Free Sales Funnel Template Below

You can have the best free sales funnel template in the world, but it’s still your job as the business owner to keep potential customers coming into the top of the funnel. You do this by driving traffic to the free sales funnel template you can download below. This will serve as your lead capture page. Once you set this free sales funnel template up, you need to ensure that you are using multiple traffic streams to keep this top of the funnel full at all times.

Once you’ve used this free sales funnel template to begin capturing leads and some of those leads have converted into sales, the sales funnel model suggests that you need to keep them in this funnel. But once you prove that the product/service converts and the customer enjoys their experience with you and the products you promote, it’s time to sell them another product that relates to their original purchase, but this sale is at higher price point.

A great product/service would be something that brings in a re-occurring income each month.

Something that your customer finds useful and won’t mind paying for and possibly with an upsell. An upsell is something that provides them with more product (at a tremendous value) that customers usually don’t mind paying a premium to obtain. During each step in this ascension model you are building rapport with your customers and proving that you are worth the increased investment.

This Free Sales Funnel Template is a Great Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page is the first part of your sales funnel where you can drive traffic and capture the email address of your site visitors. The free sales funnel template you can download below will serve as your lead capture page. Keep in mind while you’re editing the template it should attract your prospects, but take note that less is more in a lead capture page page. Simply offer an attractive benefit focused heading and lead magnet, plus a subheading, a short, “reason why” paragraph and then your email form.

Free Sales Funnel Template Video Overview

Other Lead Capture Page Considerations

You can also embed video into this free sales funnel template because usually, it builds trust but it is not necessary. Do not try to sell on the lead capture page, just obtain the contact information such as their name and email address. You can do a good bribe by offering freebies. This is the most vital part of your free sales funnel template because you are building your email list of prospects.

Low-Priced Front End Product

If a visitor opts-in to your lead capture page that’s the best time to present them with a paid offer. This is totally optional though and you don’t have to try and sell anything at this point. However, if you are, try to promote a product that’s no more than $27 so you can have a better conversion rate.


If your visitor will say no on your one-time offer at a low cost, then reduce some part of the product features and offer your prospects a discounted priced with a stripped-down version of your product. If you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can just promote a product that has a downsell built-in already.


And for the visitors who accept your OTO or one-time offer product, you can offer them a product upgrade with a lot of features and for an increased price. Relatively few people go for this. Again, if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can find a product to promote that has an upsell.

You can do multiple down-sell and up-sell levels for every product to squeeze out possible income from your prospects. However, be cautious not to annoy your visitors too much.

Exit Pop-Up

If your visitor does not put their contact details in your lead capture page, then you can utilize an exit splash program to divert them to another product offer. This will result to another squeeze page or a less-priced product. You can also use the income on that for your advertising expenses. To find an exit splash script try doing a Google search… there are a few solutions out there.

Banners on Your Thank You, Page

One more important thing you can do with this free sales funnel template is put banner ads on the thank you page. These can be on other related products or an affiliate product. There is plenty of space on the thank you page to put these banners. You can also put download links for a free product or link to your OTO download pages. Whatever works best for you is the way to go.

Use This Free Sales Funnel Template to Make Money Online

Since this free sales funnel template is used for internet marketing businesses, this will help you make money on whatever online home-based business you are in. The process of getting leads and converting them into sales will ensure your income.

Download a Free Sales Funnel Template for Online Marketing

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