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Free Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Software

Create your own bot for Facebook messenger and interact automatically on Facebook messenger in just a few clicks. Free instant download!

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Capitalize on Facebook™ Messenger Automatically Using Customized Bots – And Do It In A Few Clicks!

Finally, there is a fantastic, easy way for you to take full advantage of Facebook Messenger’s incredible growth through a simple chat bot, designed specifically for your .

  • Do you know the value of Facebook Messenger and wish you had a way to take advantage of that incredible use?
  • Don’t have the time to spend responding to numerous messages directly?
  • Want a way to get to tape into the huge numbers of people using this digital medium?
  • Do you wish you had a simple way to connect more effectively with your audience but don’t want to spend a lot of money designing your own chat bot for Facebook Messenger?

You’re In Luck!

Introducing for the First Time Ever…

Turbo Bot Builder!

Turbo Bot Builder is a simple tool you can use to create effective chat bots to interact directly with your customers and clients on Facebook Messenger!

Dear Internet Marketers and Businesses:

You can interact automatically using Facebook Messenger, but the time and money invested in doing this one-on-one is very prohibitive for today’s . However, with Turbo Bot Builder, you gain access to the millions of people that use Messenger. It does all of the work for you – and it doesn’t cost you much at all!

A Facebook messenger chat bot is a tool that:

  • automatically replies with the answers you will pre-define
  • to your Messenger visitors when they contact you

You can grab their attention and provide key information to these people – who already want to work with you and just need you to interact with them!

Let’s say you have a top-quality product.

  • You know people want it and will buy it from you.
  • And, you know you have the right price point.

Yet, you aren’t able to interact fast enough, effectively, or in the best way to get people to close the sale. You’re on Facebook Messenger, but not getting the attention you need. You’re not alone.

The Problem:

You need a customized, highly responsive and intuitive chat bot that can do all of the hard legwork for you! But, you don’t have:

  • The time to develop relationships with real people
  • The budget for a staff of professionals
  • All the time in the world to implement a complex tool

Here’s the GOOD News: You can get the best chat bot tool available today!

facebook messenger chat botYou can use Turbo Bot Builder to create a customized bot that interacts FOR you and does all of your Facebook interaction on your behalf.

This is exactly what you need to build a relationship with Facebook Messenger users without the time investment or cost that it normally takes!

It has NEVER been this easy to create a customized Facebook Messenger chat bot that’s right for your company and so easy to put into place.

  • NO HTML knowledge is necessary!
  • There’s NO need for a Database – That means you do not have to think about learning the complex language or computer code that you do not have time to learn.
  • NO WordPress is necessary either! We know you may already love WordPress and that’s okay. However, you do not need it to sell your product or service – You don’t have to put your business at risk from hackers who can get into WordPress and put your company on the line.
  • You JUST need to INSTALL IT and GO! The admin panel for Turbo Bot Builder is highly effective and EASY to use. You will log into the admin panel and make all of the changes and modifications you need right there. This makes it very easy for those without experience (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!) to create the customized bot they need to excel.
  • You can edit your content in a moment. It just takes minutes to get your bot set up and working for you on Facebook Messenger!

It’s a simple login to get started. Everything you need is a single login and a simple tool to get started. It’s very fast and easy to use!

Just How Good Is Turbo Bot Builder Going to Be for Your Business?

Well, we want to make sure you have everything you need to excel here.

Let’s face the facts here…

Facebook Messenger is an incredible tool that allows you to connect with some 900 million people around the globe. Bots for Messenger allow you to reach those people who are using mobile. No matter the size or type of company you have, this is one of the most EFFECTIVE solutions for tapping into these people.

You get this new revolutionary software that allows you to create a bot for Facebook Messenger that will reply on your behalf to your online visitors using the PRE-DEFINED answers from the PAIRS of Questions/Answers loaded to its “brain”. The bot works perfectly on all the devices since all people today use Facebook Messenger! You do not need to depend on any other service!


turbo bot builderTurbo Bot Builder is designed to cut out all the complicated steps allowing you to use only what YOU NEED, hence cutting out everything you do not need!

Here’s how it works in 5 simple steps:

1. Upload the files of Turbo Bot Builder in your hosting account.

2. Login to the protected administration area.

3. Set it up ONCE and connect it to your Facebook page.

4. Add pairs of QUESTIONS & ANSWERS.

5. Add links to the bot’s Menu – so you can direct visitors to your promos, signup forms, etc.

That’s it!

Turbo Bot Builder is a php script: all servers support php.

IF IN DOUBT you can ask your host if your hosting account supports PHP 5.4

The following extensions must be available by the hosting account too:

  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • Sqlite PHP Extension

Again, IF IN DOUBT you can ask your host to install those extensions.

Hence you will need a hosting account and a domain name with an SSL certificate – required by Facebook.

Are You STILL WORRIED about creating your own Facebook Messenger bot?

It’s no problem at all!

Here’s helpful video to really streamline the process and show you how easy it can be!

Turbo Bot Builder is a fantastic tool to allow you to interact with your customers without spending a lot of time or money. There’s no reason for you to limit your exposure or to turn people off by delaying a response to their message!

It’s easy to get started. In fact, let’s do that right now!

Download Turbo Bot Builder Today And Get The Process Under Way