Four Tools All Affiliate Marketers Should be Using

affiliate marketing tools

Since the early 2000s, affiliate marketing has been one of the best ways to make money online. Many affiliate marketers have created substantial incomes by promoting products and services to engaged audiences. Today, affiliate marketing is more competitive than ever before, but it is still an excellent way to generate income in the online space. The continued development of digital platforms has also opened up a wide range of new tools that affiliate marketers can use to generate income. Here are four of the top tools and platforms marketers should be using today.


The single most important platform for affiliate marketers to be on at the moment is YouTube. Because people often visit the video hosting site for reviews or demonstrations of products they are considering purchasing, YouTube gives affiliate marketers a unique opportunity to present products to potential buyers. The video format is also useful for showing viewers exactly how to use a product, adding value to the buyer experience. YouTube’s status as one of the world’s largest search engines also makes it an excellent tool for getting eyes on your offer.

Facebook Advertising

Many affiliate marketers, especially the most successful, have large marketing budgets. For newer affiliates, however, spending thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns simply isn’t practical. A good way to begin advertising your affiliate offers without breaking the bank is Facebook advertising. Using Facebook, you can promote your offers to new viewers for as little as $1. Of course, the more you spend, the better your results will be. Also be sure to carefully target your Facebook ads according to interests in order to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Article Marketing

When first starting out, many affiliate marketers mistakenly believe that they can simply create a website filled with sales pages and make good money from it. Early on in the history of internet marketing, there was some truth to this, but internet users have become much more sophisticated and wary of such tactics. A much better approach these days is to offer legitimate value in the form of blog articles that give your readers some kind of useful or helpful information. You can then insert relevant affiliate links into these articles to drive traffic. Be sure not to write your articles for the sole purpose of placing your affiliate links, however, as articles without substantive information will be unlikely to draw many viewers to your affiliate offer.


Because most affiliate marketers want to make money without having to create their own product, the majority of them overlook the potential usefulness of ebooks. Though they take time to write, proofread and edit, ebooks can be extremely helpful in affiliate marketing. By placing your affiliate links in a well-written and valuable ebook and then giving that book away for free, you can get large numbers of engaged and interested readers to click through your links to your offers. The experience of creating ebooks is also valuable in and of itself, as it can be applied to creating paid ebooks later on to diversify your streams of income.


Although there are many different ways of succeeding as an affiliate marketer, these four tools will be useful in almost any marketing strategy. Above all, be sure that the content you create is valuable to your readers or viewers, instead of just being a glorified advertisement. By building an audience of readers who are interested in the information you provide, you can set your affiliate marketing efforts up for long-term success.

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