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Finally BUSINESSES Can Write Reviews on Customers

As a owner, I am fortunate each year to stumble across a few VERY good customers. In addition to those very good ones, every year we gain a bunch of good clients, some average and a few I wish we could have avoided.

We all know what a pleasure it is to work with great people. It is also quite helpful to the bottom line. On the other hand, just a few individuals who are not a good match for our business can reduce our workday enjoyment and detract from the bottom line.


I once got a call from a property owner who lived in a very nice area. They had significant work done recently and needed a lot more work done. I spoke to a contractor I knew who had worked for these people at this property in the past. They said something to the effect of “There’s plenty more work to be done there.” So, I provided them with an estimate.

The estimate was signed and accepted. We did some work and they were happy. We did additional work and they emailed us to let us know how pleased they were with our service. When the balance due got close to $5,000.00, I called and spoke with the client about it and they said they “wanted to pay, but would have to call me back.” That was the last response I got even after leaving many voicemails and sending certified letters.

I was lucky that it only took nine months and a moderate amount of stress and aggravation to get paid. I mentioned my legal hiccup with this account to the person who had worked with them previously and he said, “I heard a lot of people who worked there had trouble getting paid.” Valuable information I would have preferred to know BEFORE I entered into a business relationship!


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had a fellow business owner call me and say, “I gave your name to Mrs. Smith (not her real name) and she will be calling you. She has been a wonderful client of mine for many years. She knows what she wants and is reasonable and willing to pay for good quality.” This job went fantastically well; the client was overjoyed with the result. We had fun doing the work and we made a fair and reasonable profit.

We have all had similar experiences with both scenarios as well as everywhere in between. My wish is for all business owners to find those good matches for our services. I want even my fiercest competitor to avoid those few “crazies” out there and I want everyone to be paid for the work they did.

In my never-ending quest to streamline my business to be more profitable, with more quality projects and less customers that are a mismatch for us, I knew there had to be a better way.

pool-shot-day-e1448941624814If we as business owners shared the experiences that we have had with past customers, we could all benefit. A “Better Customer Bureau” where entrepreneurs and business owners could write reviews on customers and research for reviews before taking on a job. Imagine what a difference it would make and the headache you could save if you took on just one or two more good clients and/or avoided one or two who are not a good match!

This is how was born. allows business owners to read and write reviews of past or potential clients. It reduces the uncertainty business owners often feel when engaging with potential clients/customers about whether to do business together. Any business owner knows that gaining just one well-matched new customer can be a profitable and enjoyable experience. Avoiding a client/customer who is not a good match could save the business owner and the prospective client/customer significant time, money and undo stress.

The new website is the brainchild of a business owner, who with the feedback from a focus group of business owners, conceived the idea based on their own experiences. In a sense, it is a “reverse Angie’s list”, a website where businesses can write and search for reviews on customers.

Current members have reported customers wanting business owners to write positive reviews on them so they can attract and work with higher quality businesses. The website is highly beneficial for both parties (customers and business owners) to engage with.

The new website went live earlier this year. The site is for business owners to use, for a limited time. To learn more, visit or reach out to

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