7 Ways You Can Use Facebook Live for Building Your Brand

facebook live for building your brand

Facebook Live is the logical consequence of the social media company’s strategy to encourage visual content. In the last few years, it has become clear that moving images in particular attract more attention and stay visible in news feeds for longer than text-only content. What started as Mentions in 2015 has now evolved into Facebook Live, a live broadcasting platform for mobile devices and desktops.

At first, only celebrities were given access to the platform, but in early 2016 the live streaming platform was made accessible to a wide international audience, with more countries being added gradually. This increase in reach has made the technology appealing to businesses looking for new ways to engage their online audiences.

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How To Use Facebook Live for Building Your Brand

Here are a few ideas of how you can use live video to help build your brand.

Q&A Sessions

Question and answer sessions can be a good way to strengthen your relationship with customers and prospects. During a live Q&A session viewers can communicate directly with the business. So, while the session can be followed by a large audience, viewers can react individually. They have the option to ask a question by using the chat function, and they can like and share the video as well.

Showing Who You Are

Let your audience see a different side of the business by taking them behind the scenes. You could, for example, give a tour of your business premises or production site, while telling a story about how all this came to be. You could also introduce your team, the people without whom all this wouldn’t be possible.

Sharing Events

Events are an ideal opportunity for making a live video. Physical events can only be attended by a limited number of visitors, but stream the event live, and suddenly your audience size is unlimited. Presentations, conferences, congresses, concerts, festivals, seminars, and so on- the possibilities are endless. Facebook Live can be used with a suite of professional broadcasting tools, always ensuring a high-end result.

Launching New Products

Yet another way to use live video is to introduce new products directly to your social media followers. Imagine you could get instant feedback on new products. How valuable would that be to your business?

Demonstrating Products or Services

While showing how a particular product works, you can also answer questions from your audience. But what if your business is a restaurant? You could create your newest culinary delight and see how your followers respond to the new dish. A real estate agent, on the other hand, could give a live tour to remote clients. There are many possibilities. Just use your imagination.

Offering Deals

If you’re looking to increase your online sales, what better way to do it than to mix content marketing with e-commerce? This is easily done during a live video by offering viewers a deal that is only valid for the duration of the broadcast.

Tips and Tricks

Tip, tricks, and tutorials always do well with online audiences. Anything that can make viewers’ lives that little bit easier is great. When you let viewers comment on the usefulness of what you just shared, you’re actually establishing a deeper bond with your core audience by inspiring mutual respect.


While Facebook didn’t pioneer live video for online audiences, it certainly has popularized it, partly because it’s easier to setup and use, compared to Google Hangouts and YouTube Live. Facebook Live gives plenty of support for broadcasting through other media apart from your smartphone or tablet. What is more, integration in one of world’s biggest social networks gives business access to a massive audience.

It seems that Facebook is currently ahead in the live stream revolution. That is a fact that business owners and online marketers can’t afford to ignore. It is high time to start experimenting with Facebook Live, if you haven’t tried it already. And don’t forget to share your comments below to let everyone know how you got on.

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