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Targeted Traffic

The Internet as an amorphous ocean of traffic is a great way to understand the dynamics of traffic flow. This network of waterways has already been very highly developed in some cases, with some people already experiencing great traffic flow on their sites.

This is important to know because you don’t really want to just put an inlet next to an amorphous ocean and drive tons of untargeted traffic back to your site. Each of those drops may represent a person who is online, but are they the type of person who is going to buy your products and services? Obviously not!┬áThere is much more to building website traffic to your site than just numbers. It has to be quality, targeted traffic that stands a good chance of creating sales conversions.


Whether you’re getting traffic from a search engine or from some other site, your backlinks should be showing up in areas where the niche is similar to your market segment. You don’t want to be selling jewelry and posting backlinks on pet sites or adding keywords for pets. That would only bring in traffic that isn’t interested in buying your products in the first place. In order to get high quality traffic that wants to buy, you have to first make sure that your efforts are being placed in the right demographic.


You want your niche to be something that isn’t so narrow that few people will be interested in it, yet not be so broad that you won’t define your demographic well enough to target it either. If you find that the keywords that you are using to generate traffic from search engines has a low search volume, this indicates that relative to other niches, it probably is a smaller pond of water. It would be better to identify a niche that has some inherent strength in numbers before you actually start to market it online.

Once you find a popular niche, you will also find many other people marketing to that niche.

The best niches are those that have a high search volume and a low competitive factor, but even highly competitive niches can be used to bring traffic to your site. You can target high traffic places around the WWW that are discussing your niche to add backlinks back to your site.

These can include:

  • high profile blogs,
  • discussion groups,
  • websites that allow commenting,
  • news stories,
  • and online articles

The more traffic that a site has already established in your niche, the more likely that you can siphon off that traffic back to your own ventures by posting backlinks in those areas. Even for social networking sites that have large numbers of people visiting daily, you want to target the traffic to your niche rather than to indiscriminately market to everyone and anyone.

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