Using Content Marketing to Secure Affiliate Sales

content marketing

It is difficult to build an affiliate marketing business these days without a clear content marketing strategy. Content is integral to the online experience, so even the smallest affiliate needs to think about articles, videos, images, and the various other types of media they could create.

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Most affiliates though, focus primarily on the content that initially draws in an audience. Blog posts, podcasts, infographics, and other broad content is perfect for attracting targeted visitors. There are a number of elements that can be used in the sales process, offering appropriate content to leads that are primed to make a purchase.

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How to Use Content Marketing to Secure More Affiliate Sales


A webinar can be used to deliver valuable content to engaged viewers. Subscribers will usually join a webinar to learn about a particular topic, with a product being sold at the end. The best webinars work because they actually provide useful information, but viewers are introduced to the main product which offers more comprehensive training, software, or a valuable offer.


Use tutorials to promote to new prospects or later on in the sales funnel. If you are going to use a tutorial directly before making an offer, it is good to make it specific and thorough to raise awareness of the quality of your main product. You could create a video class that interested parties can subscribe to, with a product offer at the end. Ideally, the tutorial will teach actionable content, leaving people wanting more.


A story can be an enticing piece of content as potential customers get to see how an actual customer made use of the product. A fitness product, for example, can increase conversions by providing weight loss stories from real customers. Stories don’t need to rely on specific aspects of the product as much, with a compelling story touching on different types of emotions.

More content marketing ideas


If your product delivers, you will gradually amass a number of positive reviews. Use reviews in your content marketing campaign. They encourage people who are considering a purchase. Reviews won’t be effective when trying to build your brand and raise some initial awareness. Use reviews strategically on sales pages and other offer points in the buying process.

Live Event

Hosting or appearing at a live event lets you reach a targeted audience directly. Many industries hold conferences and speaking events, providing an opportunity to deliver helpful content to interested parties. Like a webinar, if audiences respond to the content you provide, this increases the chance of making sales when you introduce your offer.

Product Trial

There are certain products where the best content to offer is the product itself. But the best way to sell it is by letting people try it for themselves. Offering a free trial removes all the risk. Allow people to get comfortable with the software for a short period of time. You can continue the sales process with people who take the trial, though, providing assistance, tutorials, and customer stories to encourage more use.

Final thoughts on content marketing

Content marketing is good for generating initial interest. Each of these elements help to make more affiliate sales. When you consider the sales funnel as a whole, you can see the need for a variety of content types that suit each period of the buying experience. A cold prospect might gain some interest from an infographic or podcast. With a webinar, or product trial however, will likely encourage them to make a purchase. Focus your content marketing efforts on all stages of the buying experience to create a funnel optimized for affiliate success.

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