Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money for Beginners

best affiliate programsThe Internet has become the most ideal and rewarding tool for marketing products and services, and there is a lot of debate as to the best affiliate programs people should become involved with to enhance their moneymaking capabilities.

The Internet helps millions of people to get access to a world wide market so that everybody gets to know about the best that is available, and that includes the best affiliate programs.

The best affiliate programs give enormous possibilities for the merchant to promote and sell his product and also helps the customer by offering suitable links to other products and services that may be of interest to them.

This booming industry has not only helped the buyer and the merchandiser but also provides an income opportunity for individuals called affiliate marketers.

How To Select the Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

In affiliate marketing, the marketer does not need to have his own product. All he does is direct website traffic (through his own special link) to the merchant site and earns a commission for this job when someone buys through his link.

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To get the best from this industry, one has to choose the best affiliate programs which employ an excellent marketing strategy for promoting and selling their products to customers. However, one should keep in mind that there is no type program that’s considered the best affiliate programs to make money. It all depends on how to make the best of what you have. A so-called best affiliate program can make an affiliate marketer a millionaire and another, a frustrated one.

It takes focus

To land yourself one of the best affiliate programs you need have specific information and focus your search on a specific niche. You will then be able to direct yourself to the most suitable affiliate program that caters to your needs and resources. It also helps you to eliminate the affiliate programs not suitable to your criteria for good marketing.

And if this is a requirement, there is a wide range of free affiliate programs available for a person to choose the best affiliate programs from. For some folks, free affiliate programs offer an ideal way to make money online. With free affiliate programs there is no risk, but keep in mind that money needs to exchange hands at some point if any is ever going to land in your pocket.

Other Considerations

The best affiliate programs should provide essential elements such as:

  • quality products
  • buyer friendly web design
  • good customer service
  • and a proper affiliate payout

The best affiliate program will always have good quality products and service.

Finding the best affiliate programs is firstly a matter of researching what other affiliates in your niche have been successful with. If you are a member of an affiliate network such as Clickbank or MaxBounty, this is simply a matter of focusing on appropriate products with a higher gravity or earnings per hundred impressions respectively.

Taking this step ensures, at the very least, you will be promoting something that other affiliates have recently made money with.

Conversely, some of the best affiliate programs are the ones not every affiliate in your niche is promoting. The first reason for this is competition – with a lesser-known product it’s not as likely you’ll be promoting something a customer has seen dozens of times due to market saturation and already decided not to buy.

The second reason is that a large percentage of affiliates jump on the highest-rating product and look no further, while a lower-ranked product may, in fact, convert better. It may be worth your while to investigate such products, as very occasionally you will find a lesser-known gem that has the potential to generate a much greater return for your marketing efforts.

Alternate Ways to Find the Best Affiliate Programs

ways to find the best affiliate programsAnother way to look for the best affiliate programs is to factor yourself into the equation and consider which ones you’ll be most effective at promoting.

If your greatest love in life is poker, then you should first aim for these types of affiliate programs. If you enjoy sharing relationship advice, then products to do with maintaining healthy relationships may be a better choice as it allows you to draw on some prior knowledge or strengths.

It is not much good trying to promote a product in a subject area you are completely disinterested in or have no knowledge about – even if it does rank higher than any other product.

Finding these at times can be a challenge to do. Here though are some questions that you are going to want to find the answers to before signing up for promoting a product or a company.

Some Questions

The first question that you are going to want to ask is how reliable is the company on paying out when they say they will. If they are a reliable company, then you will see an increase in your bank account each month versus one that isn’t that reliable on paying out or pays sporadically.

The second thing to find the answer to is if the item you decide to market is going to work like it is advertised to do. If the product works like it is said to you will also probably gain word of mouth advertising as well from your customers sharing the information with there friends, but if it doesn’t then you could end up having a ton of refunds.

The third thing to get answered is how much is the payout going to be. You will want to figure out how much you are going to make from each sale. By doing this, you will be able to figure out how many sales per day you have to make to reach your daily sales goal.

The fourth question to get the answer to is to find one that is going to have a product that you like. If you do not like the product that you’re promoting, then you will have trouble finding anything good to say about it. If you are unable to say anything good about then you will probably have a lower number of sales than if you can say nice things about the product.

The best affiliate programs may not, in fact, be the same for everybody.

Making your selection is a matter of weighing up aspects of the product as well as your personal ability to promote it effectively, and if you successfully combine these two factors, you will more than likely experience a substantial increase in your affiliate earnings.

Tips to Find Lucrative Affiliate Programs

best affiliate programs tipsJoin the programs which have high conversion rate. Visit the sales letter of the website. Is it customer friendly? Would you buy from that site if you were a visitor?

Join the programs which have high pay rate for each sale, sign-up, etc. It is better to market programs which give you high commissions rather than programs giving you only 10%.

Programs are giving you 40% or more for each sale, sign-up can be considered high pay rate programs.

Join the programs which offer unique, exciting and shocking products in a market. Try to find programs that others are not marketing. If the product you market is unique in a hot market, then you have much more chance to succeed than marketers in the same market.

Learn when they send affiliate checks. There are programs that send you to check every two weeks or a certain day of each month. Also, there can be programs which pay money to your PayPal or bank account.

Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

You can increase your affiliate income with two-tier programs. In two-tier programs you are referring other affiliates to the same program you joined. Each time you refer new affiliate, they become sub affiliates under you, and you get extra money for this.

  • It means you will receive a percentage of commissions you sub affiliates make.
  • And you make a passive income with these programs.

Join the programs which pay you lifetime commissions. It means that if the customer you referred buys other products from the same website in the future, then you will get paid for those purchases too.

Affiliate programs for membership sites are a great opportunity for making lifetime income. The customer you refer to membership sites pays a certain amount of money each month to stay as a member. And you get paid commissions for each month the members maintain their membership.

The number of affiliate programs available are simply staggering.

Even if you’re not that fussed, you at least need some means of narrowing the field. Choose from one of the best, and you will be more well off than the guy who knows twice as much about marketing but markets a lousy product. To have your work cut out the affiliate program needs…

Highest Possible Demand and Least Discretionary

This just makes perfect sense, but many people will market for someone without checking for basics like this. But not just a high demand for the product/service, but for this specific name or company. And in these times of economic uncertainty, you simply can’t afford to “put your eggs” with anything discretionary. It needs to have high demand regardless of the economy.

Highest 2/multi tiered payments:

Now, this is very lazy, and one of the biggest draw-cards for myself. This is where you can recruit an army of affiliates (much easier than recruiting customers I might add), who do all the work for you. You don’t even have to know who they are, as long as they’re keen marketers. You keep earning commission from whatever they sell.

Recurring Payment for One Time Sales

OK, if you don’t think this one’s crucial, then you don’t know what’s good for you. Recurring programs are seriously underestimated and the best way to create auto-pilot cash-flow. For example, If you make a sale and earn a commission of $47, and the customer stays with the service for three years, then that becomes a commission of $1692 – for no extra work. And that’s only one sale.

Recurring affiliate program

Now, to take full advantage of a recurring affiliate program, it will need to be an absolute pain to switch from. You don’t want them quitting after a couple of months. Choose the right program with this trait, and 3yrs is not unrealistic in any way. It will often be more.

Ultimate consumable – Services, licenses, memberships:

Which are the best affiliate programs that commonly come with the above two traits? Services, licenses, and memberships – the ultimate consumables, but making sure they are non-discretionary. Don’t bother selling eBooks etc.; your customer will only want one of them.

Highest Possible Conversion Rate

This is pretty much the bottom line when choosing the best affiliate programs. You could be the world’s greatest affiliate marketer, and send millions of people to a website, but if the website doesn’t end up converting your hard earned traffic into customers, you get no commission. But this is something you can’t know until you try it.

The best affiliate programs are largely classified as the ones that make the most money; though, there are several factors to consider when it comes to making such an affiliate program profitable.

As you may well know, a program that offers a higher pay or commission rate does not always mean that you will earn more money with it. Likewise, programs that claim their product converts better than a competing product do not necessarily turn out as you might be led to expect.

Final Thoughts

If you look at internet marketing as a career, you will want to realize that you are going to need to find the best affiliate programs. By finding the best affiliate programs, you will be able to watch your wallet increase in size as your income gets to be higher and higher each month. Finding the answers to the questions can help you understand more of what to look for in a program.

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