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guest poster increase website traffic

Be a Guest Poster on and Instantly Increase Your Website Traffic

Want to write an article or affiliate product review and have it appear on my high-traffic and highly targeted website?

…And of course, you can have an author bio at the bottom of your article (with one link) and if you’re doing a review of an affiliate product, you can even have one affiliate link in the body of your article (as anchor text).

Now if you’re smart, you’ll realize that guest posting on my personal website and having your article or affiliate product review up on my website means a lot of potential traffic for you… and if you’re writing a review of a product especially, it could mean quick sales too.

The traffic on is growing fast and growing daily… just over the weekend I had two articles go viral, which sent over 6,000 new and unique visitors to my website…

Now imagine if you had an article or review up on my site… some of that same traffic would have seen your article.

Your Content Also Stands a Better Chance To Rank High in Google

I already rank for lots of keywords. My domain has age, 10’s of thousands of back-links and trust. Google ranks my content and if you have a article on my website, there’s a good chance it will rank too.

You get where I’m coming from?

If you want to be a guest poster and have your content appear on the website, just reply to this email. Simple as that.

Here’s Some Guest Posting Rules:

  • Submit your content to me in a WORD document
  • Minimum length is 1,000 words (long content pulls and ranks better)
  • The content must be unique. I don’t mean spun unique either. I mean a genuinely unique article.
  • I need one great image that represents your article (at least 800×600)
  • I personally put up your article or review on my site

NOTE: If you suck at writing and/or can’t write unique content, but see the value in having a piece of content up on my site with a link to anything you want to promote, then you can purchase a high-quality article by clicking the link below:

So you can go to the link above (it’s not an affiliate link), purchase an article in that category and send it to me. I’ll put it up on my website, optimize it really good so it’ll rank on Google and at the bottom of the article, there will be YOUR author resource box where you can include a link to anything you want to promote.

You can do a Google search for “author bio boxes examples” to learn more about them.

I’ll also give you an author profile on my website which also can contain links, even to your social media profiles. It’s also a easy way to acquire valuable back-links for yourself.

I currently don’t have a limit on articles, so if you have multiple unique articles related to online marketing and they’re over 1,000 words, that works too. Just means more traffic for you and more great content for me.

We are really helping each other out here:

  • you get to have content on a high-traffic niche site with a link to whatever you promote
  • I get to add great new content to my website

I want great content, you want traffic and sales. It’s a win win for both of us

If you’re interested in having your unique content up on my website, email me.

NOTE: For instant traffic I’ll even send out a blast to all my personal lists (I currently have over 55,000 email subscribers) for $50 promoting your guest post and share it through the same social media channels I share my own content.