How to Do Affiliate List Building For Free

affiliate list building

Affiliate List Building for FREE

Building a list is one of the best things you can do for your business. Once you have a list of subscribers, you can send out broadcast emails to them whenever you need some cash. Me personally, I normally email my list almost every day. Now the problem is a lot of people don’t have the money to start a business or to try to build a list and there’s tools that you need to build a list.

That’s why I’m offering this help so that you can learn how to build a list even if you have no money, or you’re on a shoestring budget. In this affiliate list building training I’m going to go cover a free autoresponder that you can use. An autoresponder is something that you absolutely must have if you’re building a list. I’m also going to cover other free list building methods and other tools that you can use for building your list.

Free Autoresponder Account Options

For those who cannot afford to pay monthly for an autoresponder account there are free options out there and one of the best free autoresponder companies is ListWire which was launched in 2009. Last time I checked they had over 250,000 customers and have delivered billions of emails on their behalf.

With ListWire, you can create opt-in forms without having to know how to code or create HTML pages from scratch. They also have all the standard services that most paid autoresponder companies provide. For example, you could send out automated follow-up messages and there’s no limit to that. You can send 10 autoresponder messages, or you could send a year’s worth of autoresponder messages. You can also send out email broadcasts and one-time messages.

Other Notable ListWire Features

There’s no upgrades, no hidden charges and there’s no catch whatsoever. There’s also no caps on the number of subscribers you can have with any list and no limits on the number of follow-up messages you can send. ListWire also has a great delivery rate that compares well with the big autoresponder providers like AWeber. They also include a double opt-in feature which prevents fake subscribers.

Probably the only thing that I’m not too comfortable about ListWire is that it takes away your chances of presenting your offer on the thank you page. That means when a new subscriber signs up to your list they get redirected to a page that shows ListWire offers instead of your thank you page. I’m assuming they do this so that they could pay for the service that they provide.

A Great Tool You Can Use For Affiliate List Building

ManyContacts is a great tool that you can use for list building that will allow you to get to know your leads and your customers better. The way ManyContacts basically works is you would install a little widget, which only takes a few minutes. You install this in your website and it can either be a bar on top of your page or just a pop up. This gives you the ability to study your website visitors.

How ManyContacts Works

The way ManyContacts works is that after people register, (after people opt into your list) this tool will track their information and activity on the Internet. This allows you to better target and segment your leads. ManyContacts also employs behavioural automation, meaning that you can customize the widget for each visitor.

Another great thing is that you can get an automated score for each lead so you know the quality of each lead and whenever you get a new contact you also get their social profiles, traffic scores, etc. So you get a lot of information and intelligence on your leads with ManyContacts.

Using Contests and Sweepstakes For Free List Building

contests and sweepstakes for free list building

Holding contests and sweepstakes is a free list building method you can use and there’s also a free tool that you can use to create contests and sweepstakes. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, what are the benefits of holding your own contest and sweepstakes?

Benefits of Contest and Sweepstakes

The primary benefits of holding contests and sweepstakes is they are great for building your fan base. Contests allow you to engage with you audience and they also also empower your consumers to do your marketing for you, thus giving contests a great viral effect. Sweepstakes promotions open you up to an entirely new customer base and they also create a buzz around your product. Sweepstakes also encourages people to visit your website.

A Free Tool You Can Use

A great free tool that you can use is ShortStack. This is platform that you can use for free to create sweepstakes and contests, but they allow you to upgrade as well to get the most out of your campaigns. There was a business that had been on Facebook for two years and they grew their fan base by 200% in three weeks by using ShortStack.

You can use your tools to generate leads, drive sales and boost engagement gauge using social marketing campaigns on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or on your own landing pages and embedded campaigns.

You can actually see some examples of contests using ShortStack on their actual site. They also provide you with templates and drag and drop functions. You can even create, “if this, then that” scenarios for a customizable workflow. You can also integrate your ShortStack campaigns with the platforms you already use, including: YouTube, MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Highrise, Google Maps and many more.

How to Do Affiliate List Building Through Forum Marketing

forum marketing for list building

Forum marketing can be a very powerful free affiliate list building method if done right. The key here is quality. I know a lot of affiliate marketers that have tried marketing in forums and it just didn’t work well for them. I noticed that it was because of the quality of content they were providing.

How it Should Work

So what you do is you go to a forum, or multiple forums in your niche and you look for questions being asked and you try to answer those questions as best as you can. You can even try to do some research first before posting your answer. In the signature area all forums provide that goes below your reply, you can provide a link to your lead capture page. You can also put text there that goes along the lines of, “Click Here For My Free Report on How to Lose Weight in 10 Days,” for example.

So again, the key here is the quality of content (your answers to people’s questions) and people will notice when you’re providing a lot of good quality and they’re going to go to your lead capture page to try and learn more about you. You could also try to start some threads and provide more information and that way you can also ask some thought-provoking questions… anything you can to get attention and get people to start noticing you and the quality of the content that you have to provide.

Another great thing about forum marketing and being busy in the forums helping people out, is that it’s a great way for you to meet other marketers or other people you may do business with in the future.

Affiliate List Building Through Adswaps

Now here’s a free affiliate list building method that I’ve used a lot in the past when I first started out building a list and I still use it from time to time. There are even some affiliate marketers that continue to do it even after they’ve built a large list, they still do it in a daily basis. This free affiliate list building method is adswaps.

How Adswaps Work

The way adswaps works is that two marketers agree to mail each of their lists promoting each others products. If you and I were to do it, for example, you would email your list promoting MY lead capture page and I would do the same… I would promote your lead capture page. Basically, I would get some of your subscribers and you would get so my subscribers.

Where to Find Adswaps

There’s a lot of places online where you can find adswap partners. You could, for instance, go to Safe Swaps. Safe Swaps is mostly for people in Internet and affiliate marketing niche, although there are some marketers in there that you’ll find that are in the health niche.

You can also go to Clickbank and just contacts vendors on that site… people that are selling similar products as you, or people that are in the same niche as you. You can also do a Google search and just type in whatever niche you’re in to find other markers that are in your niche and you can contact them and ask them if they want to do an adswap. Other places you can go to is the Warrior Forum or other Internet marketing forums.

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