9 Facebook Live Marketing Predictions for 2017

facebook live marketing predictions 2017

If the Facebook changes in 2016 are an indicator, 2017 will be an interesting year for Facebook marketers. Let’s find out what’s in store.

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Facebook Live Marketing Predictions

#1: Paid Ads Come to Facebook Groups

Facebook will introduce paid ads for groups. As we move away from pages toward groups, Facebook will reduce the reach. It’s a perfect opportunity for Facebook to grow an additional advertising revenue stream.

#2: More Post production tools to be added in the Facebook Live toolkit

Their tools for live video continue to evolve as well. With scheduled live videos, broadcasting from desktop, and trimming finished videos for better replays all slowly rolling out, this is just a step toward Facebook’s overall video strategy.

Expect to see more studio editing and post-production tools offered to Facebook Live users with the app and on desktop. Facebook’s goal is to provide content creators with the tools they need to create professional and polished content that will receive many replays.

#3: Facebook Launches Its Own Cable TV Network

Facebook is expected to either purchase a major television network or start one of its own from scratch. They’ll target a high-profit niche like sports or consumer goods.

#4: Facebook Live Embraces Advanced Third-party Tools

Facebook Live is about to grow up. More advanced third-party tools will evolve to improve the quality of shows, integrate marketing functionality such as calls to action, and allow better community engagement opportunities.

Additionally, Facebook has announced that monetization of live video is coming! This means ads will be integrated into live video just as they are on YouTube, giving marketers an opportunity to monetize streams.

#5: Facebook Video Analytics Become Crucial

In 2017, we’ll see marketers demand greater transparency around their Facebook video and live video analytics.

With more brands paying to advertise, produce, and distribute video, it’s time for platforms, agencies, publishers, and influencers alike to start sharing more data.

#6: Facebook Live Video Improves Brand Discoverability

Great video content, streamed on Facebook, provides a discovery opportunity that no other platform could dream of. Producing live content for an audience that wants to consume it is the most powerful marketing opportunity in 2017 . Discovery is back and smart marketers will leverage it.

#7: Facebook’s Video is Monetized

In 2017, Facebook is going to — you guessed it! — reward more video.

Facebook looks to be moving toward a video-first position. More video equals more reach. More reach equals more engagement. More engagement equals brand loyalists. Brand loyalty equals more money. And we all live in a capitalist economy where more money is a good thing.

#8: Facebook Pushes 360 & AR/MR Content

Facebook will continue to push for live video to become mainstream among its users worldwide, but most importantly they’ll roll out live 360-degree video to everyone. More people will start sharing their photos and videos in 360 on Facebook.

The company will launch a social VR app or an addition to what they already offer, further pushing users toward VR as this technology starts to become somewhat more affordable and It’ll be crucial for marketers to understand VR/ AR bette r as we move away from creating content in 2D toward content that’s fully immersive, sometimes in 360 and sometimes augmented digitally.

#9: Third-party Facebook Live Tools Evolve

As Facebook Live becomes easier and more mainstream, marketers will need to focus on higher quality with more professional broadcasts.

There’s no question that Facebook is pushing their live video platform hard this year.

Many cities around the world are plastered with ads for Facebook Live. As well as broadcasting from your smartphone, Facebook has rolled out to many the ability to broadcast from your desktop through the Facebook website.

This could involve using broadcasting tools such as OBS Studio or Wirecast to broadcast to Facebook Live.

This will allow marketers to:

  • Use their own branding including watermarks and lower third graphics.
  • Interview guests and share their screens.
  • Produce webinars and how-to videos.
  • Broadcast live events with higher-quality audio.
  • Use emerging technologies such as Facebook Live 360 and Facebook Live Audio.


As the platform continues to further expand its local search credentials, it will develop a more intuitive, trustworthy, and dependable ratings-and-reviews service that has real potential to disrupt Yelp’s presence in the market, particularly among small businesses. Facebook will do this by mining its deep knowledge of its user data, providing a mechanism to check the authenticity and veracity of specific review content .

Because of Facebook’s expansive reach, all of these tools will capture rapid market adoption by both consumers and businesses. This may finally solve the current crisis with ratings-and-reviews content: trustworthiness.

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