8 Simple Tips to Build a Large Email List

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As an online business owner, you know how important it is to build a large email list. A large email list can be an absolute goldmine.

However, growing a large and responsive email list can be a challenge. It is not enough to simply throw up an opt-in box and watch your list grow. There are steps that you must take to ensure that you have a list that is constantly expanding.

Here are eight tips to consistently add subscribers to your email list

Make sure your opt-in boxes are easy to see

Take a look at what surrounds your opt-ins. Is there clutter? Are there distractions?

Your opt-in boxes should be very easy to spot; there should not be distracting elements surrounding them. This rule applies to every space that your opt-in boxes occupy.

Create a compelling offer

Of course you know by now that you must offer your visitors something in exchange for their contact information. However, your offer must be compelling enough to make them take action.

Spend some time coming up with a great offer. This step is very important if you’re going to consistently grow your list.

Here are some tips to create a great offer:

  • Provide real value – If a subscriber receives a sub-par gift, they will be unsatisfied and might immediately unsubscribe.
  • Create your free offer as if you plan to sell it.
  • Solve a problem – What problems does your website address? For example, you might have a site about fitness for busy people. In that case you could offer a free report with 5 or 10 short workouts or quick healthy meals.
  • Create something relevant – If your visitors are interested in getting a six pack, don’t offer a report with weight lifting tips. This sounds like common sense, but many online business owners still violate this rule.

Be honest without the hype

What will your subscriber receive after joining your email list? How often will you send an email? Tell your visitors what they’re going to get when they sign up, and then deliver it. Some website owners over-hype their offers in an effort to maximize their opt-in rate. Don’t do that. Briefly explain what your free offer is minus the hype.

Add a privacy message

Many people will be concerned about receiving spam after they submit their contact information. It’s best to address this concern upfront. Adding a simple privacy message will suffice. It can be as simple as: We respect your privacy, and we will never share your contact information.

Promote your opt-in landing page

You should add a link to your newsletter landing page on any websites that you use. For example, if you’re a member of online forums, you can add a link to your forum signatures. A link can also be added to your email signatures.

Any website in which you have a profile can be a place where you promote your opt-in page.

Use your thank you page

Make good use of space on your opt-in thank you page as well. One thing you can do is add social buttons so visitors can easily share your site with others. Also, it’s a good idea to tell your subscribers that they’ll need to confirm their subscriptions to officially be added to your email list.

Watch your opt-in rate

The opt-in rate is the percentage of visitors who subscribe to your email list. The goal is to achieve the highest opt-in rate possible. The only way to do that is to test, and then test some more. You can tweak small things and consistently measure the results. You can play around with your opt-in box placement, its colors, wording, and other factors. You can also try adding a pop-up.

Tinker until you feel you have the best opt-in rate that you can achieve.

Watch your unsubscribe rates

Look for spikes in subscribers that unsubscribe. This simple metric can reveal the kind of content (if any) that your audience doesn’t really appreciate. It’s pretty hard to steadily grow your list if you routinely lose subscribers.


This is by no means a complete list of things that you can do to boost your subscriber count, but these tips can definitely help. Start implementing them, but stay on the lookout for other things that you can do to consistently expand your subscriber base.

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