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7 Proven Ways for Managing Remote Teams

If you’re reading this piece, then you are probably a part of the 76% of workers, who have come to the general conclusion that “absenteeism is a good thing” – according to the Second Annual Global Telework Survey conducted by PGI.

Please bear in mind that by using the word “absenteeism” in this case, we are referring to a “physical” absence from the office and not a “virtual” one. With more and more people choosing to work from home every year, there is the need to put in place structures and processes to support this growing trend without sacrificing productivity.  

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For startups who are primarily known for possessing limited funds or sole businesses headquartered at home, this might just be the best route to take. Ultimately you would be looking at lower rents or property costs, you would also be working with more self-motivated employees and in most cases, the labor is usually cheaper.

However, acknowledgment of the fact is not proof of its effectiveness, there is also the question of effectively managing this team of people who in some cases, reside on the other side of the ocean, spanning different time zones.

How do you ensure that the team is fully committed to the project and productivity is at its optimum?

The infographic from gives seven tips we know startup founders will find useful for managing remote teams.

7 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

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