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5 Pro Tips from Ashlynn Avenue to Help You Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than the day your online store launches; and for Ashlynn Avenue, which started its online boutique two years back, it was no different. Arguably the most important criteria for the success or failure of your online store is one word: traffic. How to get and, more importantly, how to keep customer traffic are questions on everyone’s minds and here’s what you need to do to ensure that you get the best quality and quantity of traffic required for your success.

Let’s do this.


Reach out: Nowadays, one of the most valuable things you can have in the online world is a loyal audience and if you don’t have that, it is best to borrow someone else’s. In whatever field your store will be in (online retail, fashion, hair style etc.) there will be numerous influential people already established within the online community. Finding them is not difficult at all – a quick search online will allow you to find the most influential people in your niche. For popular instagramers, the site WEBSTA, for popular blogs, Google and other sites will allow you to quickly find out who is the most popular in the field. Get your name out there as well by reaching out to newspapers, blogs and other outlets about the launch of your online store. There is always the chance that you might get a small blurb or a feature in the local newspaper.

After that, it is a question of simple persuasion. Find out their contact info and message them. Offer them free samples of your product or, if possible, your service and hope they say something nice about you to their audience. Mention them back in your own postings – a little quid pro quo goes a long way on the internet.


Build the foundation: You cannot have great day one traffic to your website if you don’t make sure you build the basics first. This step should not be taken lightly – nowadays, the principle ways that consumers connect with businesses and each other is through social media, so make sure your profiles are in tip top shape. Make sure that your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other social media profiles are developed and ready well before your launch window.

Remember the key rule of – if you aren’t on your user’s mind, you are already forgotten.

Post regularly with unique and engaging content and make sure that you communicate properly with consumers who are contacting you. Having relevant and shareable content will ensure that your message will go across and that people are talking about your product, which is after all, what we all want.

Another great way to get your company’s name out there is to post on Reddit. Reddit allows you to find people who are already in your niche and is an easy and inexpensive way to reach out to them. Post links to your website and your products in Reddit and you will already have boosted traffic to your site.


Have a great website: You’ve heard the phrase ‘You never get a second chance at first impression’, right? Make sure that your website is attractive and easy to use. It takes a user an average of three seconds to decide whether they will buy from a particular store or not so make sure that you make those three seconds count. Nowadays, there are tonnes of options to build the website of your dreams, from professional services to even DIY options like WordPress and Weebly. Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will definitely be worth it for you and your .

Leverage your connections: Sometimes the best way to get a buzz going is through your own networks. This is, of course, the oldest form of there is – getting your friends and family to share it – but by no means, is this less effective. Almost all websites have used this form of marketing and can be quite effective to generate some leads for your business. Ask your friends and family to share posts regarding your online store and page and it will help boost traffic to your website on launch day.

Make sure the customer is happy: Finally, the most important rule for any business is to make sure customers are happy. Whatever your product is, the most important part of your business is the customer. Engage in different methods to ensure that your customers feel engaged and valued – quick feedback to their queries on social media and email is key here. Long delay times for messages leave customers feeling irritated. Ensuring great customer relations means that you have someone who will be coming back and who will probably tell their friends about it. Using promos here can also help as well – simple contests like the customer who gets their photo with your product shared the most times will get a prize, can significantly boost your traffic.

Hope these tips help you conquer the world.

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