3 Basic Online Marketing Techniques

online marketing techniques

Today, let’s do some internet marketing 101 stuff. Let’s begin by going over a few basic online marketing techniques, so that you can become acquainted with them.

If you’re an entrepreneur or have a small business that you are actively trying to market, then there isn’t any doubt that you’ll have the ability to use online advertising to your benefit. Methods like search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and paid advertising can allow you to get your message to the masses in a big way when used correctly.

Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

The first method we are going to consider is SEO. While, this is not a direct system of promotion it’s an extremely important part of getting your business noticed on the internet. It is a foundational process of getting your website listed in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search engines send out a spider (also called a crawler or a bot) that is a software application that scans your page code to get keywords and content. Then they use this information to rank your site in their result pages.

SEO can be challenging, and it is a topic way beyond the scope of this program, but the ultimate aim is to get your webpages listed on the first page of results for your chosen key words in the search engine.

To accomplish this, you must keep a good balance of content and keywords on your website. Then when customers search for information on a subject related to your business they’ll be shown relevant options which will hopefully include you.

Email Marketing

Next, we’ve got one of the very popular and best forms of online marketing, email marketing. This is basically just like it sounds. You send out promotional messages via email to a list of those who have opted to provide you their email addresses. This is extremely powerful as you are able to reach people that are genuinely interested in what you have to give.

Each time you send out a marketing you’re giving the recipient another opportunity to make the most of your services and products. The best part is that you may finally get hundreds or even thousands of people to sign up for email list.

Another terrific advantage of email advertising is that you can use it to build a real relationship with your clients over time and as soon as they become more comfortable you and your company they’ll be more likely to make repeat purchases.

A successful email campaign will often consist several email messages which will introduce your readers to advantages of doing business with you. You will want to be certain that you send them a fantastic mix of quality content, usable information great offers that will lead them towards buying anything.

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Pay per click advertising (PPC)

If you are not familiar with PPC it’s an ad service provided by companies such as Google Adwords and Facebook. It’s a excellent way to promote your company because you can begin seeing results straight away.

How they work is simple.

The ad-serving network will put your advertisement on the search results or engaging websites which relate to your website based on the keywords that you chose to target. Each time a person clicks on one of your advertisements, you’ll need to pay a small fee, usually a few cents or more depending again on the keywords you are bidding on.

With this process, you don’t need to worry about being charged too much since you set your own budget and once that runs out your advertisements will stop being exhibited until you’re ready to begin them again.

Paid Internet Advertising

The final method we’re going to discuss is paid advertisements. Many content-based sites sell quite inexpensive ad space in their pages. This may be in the kind of banner or contextual advertisements. When advertising on someone else’s site, do what you can to pick a website that’s related to the product or services you’re advertising with no direct competitor. This way you can get your ad in front of customers that are interested in what you have to give.

With this sort of advertising you may go straight to the site, you would like to advertise on or you can go through and advertising network like Google Adwords. Perform a search for “online marketing networks” and you’ll get a huge selection of options.

Here are a few places you can check out to help you to get a better understanding of how these networks work.

  • Clicksor — This website will display your clickable text or advertisements banners on the relevant sites and blogs for you: http://www.clicksor.com/advertisers
  • Advertise.com — They provide tailored digital advertising solutions to increase your conversions, build brand awareness, and build your targeted visitors: http://www.advertise.com/advertisers

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