12 Ways To Turn PLR Into Cold Hard Cash

ways to turn plr products into cash

The need to be prolific with promotional content requires that marketers have new and accurate content on a regular basis. PLR is available to those who don’t always have the time to research and create this content.

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What Is PLR?

PLR content (also known as Private Label Right), is licensed to the buyer to use in their business as if it were their own. The buyer doesn’t have to pay royalties or credit the seller once it’s purchased. It’s typically sold from one to many, so that a PLR content product can be routinely sold to as many as 200 to 300 different people.

How Is PLR Defined?

  • Private Label Rights: Gives the buyer the right to use it as if they created it.
  • Resell Rights: Gives the buyer the right to resell it, but sometimes without the right to change it.
  • Master Resell Rights: Gives the buyer the right to resell the right to resell the product, but not to change it.
  • Personal Use Rights: Gives the buyer the right to use and/or learn from it.
  • Unrestricted Rights: Gives the buyer the right to use, change, resell or even sell the right to resell.

Why Is PLR a Great Value?

• PLR can save the buyer research time.
• PLR can save the buyer preparation time.
• PLR can provide the buyer with a way to instantly create additional value.
• PLR can give the buyer expertise on previously unknown topics.

How to Handle and Organize PLR for Multiple Uses

  • First, read and understand the rights certificate.
  • Second, take note of the components you have.
  • Third, archive the components in an organized way.
  • Fourth, label your component archive so it is easily searchable.
  • Have PLR available in a system that makes sense to increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to find and use it.

Use PLR “As Is” and as If It Were Your Own Product

use plr as if it were your own product

One of the best ways to leverage PLR is to use it immediately after purchase it as a product branded with your name. To do this, you’ll want to have an existing list of subscribers and if possible you’ll want to have pre- sold them prior to your mailing the product offer. You can effectively do this by knowing when the product is going to be launched so that you can purchase it when it comes out.

However, you’ll want to make sure it connects with a real problem that customers want to solve. You’ll also want to make sure to add unique components to it so that even if the base product is the same as others, your offer will be unique.

There are several ways to take a PLR product to make it your own unique offer:

  • You can add interviews
  • You can add case studies
  • You can add bonuses (using more PLR content)
  • You can add new components

What you’re trying to do is to make sure that the buyer sees the value in your product, even if they could get it elsewhere.

To make audios and videos unique, you can add intros, outros and transitions. To make text unique, you can re-write and reorganize. To make documents unique, you can add new logos and re-brand.

When you get things like checklists and mind maps, you’ll typically get them as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents. Don’t be afraid to change some of the wording to reflect things that you’ve actually said.

Ultimately, it’s not your job just to sell a product; it’s your job to create so much value that buying it is a “no-brainer.”

Use PLR as a Bonus to Promote Affiliate Products

using plr products as a bonus

PLR can be leveraged to give prospective buyers an added incentive to purchase a product through your affiliate link. When you’re using PLR for this purpose, you’ll want to consider what components to use for your bonus.

What’s important to understand is that you’ll want to use PLR with an e-cover when possible. The reason for this is that it’s easy for your buyer to visualize the value they’re getting when there is a 3-D image. This means that if you don’t have one for the component or product, you’ll want to create one using Photoshop or some other sales graphics creation software.

Another important consideration is that you will want to make sure that your bonus is closely related to the product you’re promoting. There are some buyers who make the purchase solely on the basis of your bonus. As a result, you want to make sure that the buyer is interested in the general subject matter of the product. A relevant bonus helps you in both respects.

Since this is a bonus and not the actual product, it is ethical to have the buyer opt-in to get the content. This is especially helpful if the buyers aren’t coming from your email marketing list and from paid traffic or social media. This will help you to build your list as well as to make additional sales.

Use PLR to Create a Membership Site

use plr to create membership sites

One of the ways you can leverage PLR is by using it to create a stream of income that is recurring. This means that you’re creating what is typically called a “membership site.”

There are three uses for PLR in your membership:

First, you want to make sure that when your customers “walk in the doors” of your membership that they see everything they need to succeed. On one hand, this will mean that you have the content that you promised in your sales letter. On the other hand, it means that you’ll have reference content and tools that will help them get the most of your content. You can purchase that reference content as PLR and have it in your membership.

The second use for PLR in your membership is to provide unannounced bonuses to your members. Unannounced bonuses allow you to reward your members and make it “painful” to cancel their subscription.

Of course, the most important use of PLR is to provide membership content, or in other words, to do what you promised in your sales letter. If you are an expert in the topic area, but don’t have time to create the content, you’ll use your PLR for the membership.

If you’re not an expert on the topic, you’ll use PLR to help you with what would be hard for you to create.

A membership’s content can be a regular video, e-mail and/or an e-book. You’ll want to use the graphics to add professionalism to the look of your membership area as well as what you give to the customer in your membership.

Bear in mind that the average membership site’s tenure is 3.5 months. That means that you should be providing some kind of extra bump on a regular basis. You can and should use PLR to “upgrade” your membership (this is different from the unannounced bonus).

Use PLR as a Second or Third Upsell in Your Marketing Funnel

use plr for upsells in your marketing funnel

There are times when you may run out of content or acceptable offers to add to your product launch. Most marketers add at least one upsell to their product. However, there are several parts to the standard theory of upsells for information products.

While there are no hard and fast rules on how to create upsells in your business, most successful information products follow a predictable pattern. After a buyer has purchased the front end product, they will typically be shown an upsell product.

While the front end is typically a “base model,” the upsell is typically the upgraded, fully featured “pro” version. Most marketers will already have this in place.

It is after that point that marketers and entrepreneurs tend to have gaps in their offerings. The second upsell should typically be some kind of “Done For You” (DFY) implementation of the product. That means that you’ve made it easier and more convenient for your buyer to receive results.

Savvy marketers use PLR as either the entire DFY solution or as a major part of it.

In some cases, there is a third upsell which is typically designed to help the customer maintain their results. This means that the buyer will need some kind of resource on a regular basis, requiring them to pay on a regular basis. This content or membership can be a simple as you uploading the content into a Facebook group or into a membership site. Alternatively, it can be as simple as delivering a link once monthly via autoresponder.

Regardless of the “how,” the third upsell can be content that you purchase and provide to your buyers via the membership process.

If you’re going to have buyers pay you on a regular basis, you’ll want to deliver new premium content on a regular basis. You can use PLR to serve as that content for you. For all intents and purposes, what you’re offering in the third upsell is a membership of some kind.

Use PLR to Create a Local Offline Workshop

use plr for local offline workshops

When you purchase PLR, you typically get the content at the “wholesale” or “distributor” price. However, the question is, how will you get people to buy at the “real” price. In other words, how do you get people to buy at the $47 or $97 level (or more)?

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use your PLR content to create a “keynote” or “workshop.”

In this case, you’re relying on the PLR to fill gaps in your knowledge of the subject matter. You’re also relying on the PLR to give you a head start in creating the presentation materials for your workshop or talk. The reason this is important is that you want to spend the bulk of your time marketing your workshop.

There are several aspects of a workshop where your PLR will be useful to you:

  • First, you will want to have content to use as “lead magnets” for people to join your mailing list.
  • Second, you’ll want to have “pre-workshop” content to engage people while they wait for your workshop. This is a great use for PLR so that you can stay focused on marketing.
  • Third, you can use written content for any of your actual workshop presentation. This will mean that you’re converting your content from audio, video or text into your presentation software.
  • Fourth, you will be able to use PLR for any example video that you want to show while in the workshop. What works especially well are “hands-on,” “technical” videos that explain processes. When you are presenting, you will (at times) need a break from talking and being able to show a video is a good way to keep the content moving.

PLR checklists and mind maps are great giveaways as a reminder of your presentation.

If you brand them, others will share them and will get people interested in your business. Keep in mind that you will want to re-image as many of the graphics as you can to fit your audience. Typically, you will get graphics made for the business opportunity niche.

A great way to add value after the workshop is to be able to provide “post- workshop” content for which you can use PLR. You can also use your PLR as webinar content for those who were unable to attend your workshop live. This means that you’ll be primarily using PowerPoint and PDFs to distribute while you speak.

Most importantly, you can use PLR to create an offer for the product you’re going to sell after your webinar. In some cases, you can purchase an entire solution in PLR, including front end products and upsells.

But it’s also perfectly acceptable to piece together the offers to put into an upsell funnel.

This is easy to do inside of affiliate platforms such as JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Clickbank and Zaxaa. However, the very same content can be used to work with small businesses if the graphics reflect what they’d be comfortable seeing.

When you use PLR for your workshop, make sure to keep in mind the structure of your workshop. You may want to present part of the content and sell another part.

Use PLR to Create a Coaching Program

use plr in coaching programs

Yet another way to use PLR is to create and maintain a coaching program. Since you’ll want to have lots of resources for your customers to learn from, you’ll also want to have resources for them to use. You can purchase PLR for both purposes to use in your coaching program.

You’ll want to make sure to find high quality vendors of written content.

You’ll then need to tweak the content to fit your customer and the context. Don’t assume that the content you’re purchasing for coaching students can be used “as-is.”

You’ll want to take time to prepare before each individual coaching session to make sure that you have created the necessary content. In this case, PLR gives you leverage from having to do the research, as well as creating components for your students to have. It is your job to make sure that each component that you give away fits the context.

Depending on the rights package, you may want to use some of the PLR to give your students assets to execute your method. As is the case with every method, you’ll want to use PLR in order to fill any gap in your knowledge and ability to teach the subject.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to use PLR to teach basic subjects that your customer needs to know but that you don’t have time to teach. For example, you may want to talk about a method that requires your customer to have a website.

However, you don’t want to spend the coaching time on website building. This would be a great time to use PLR videos to give to your customer as a reference in case he or she doesn’t know how to build their own site.

Coaching programs should always focus on the solution in the sales page that was sold.

PLR should be used to cover the basic skills necessary to execute the solution. In this way, PLR gives you leverage over your time and authority in the marketplace.

If you are going to coach someone on a topic, one of the best ways to get the information you need is to use PLR. In some cases, you will be giving your members content and you’ll actually be tailoring the PLR to fit your program. In other cases, you’ll be teaching the content. In that case, the best thing to do is to arrange the content into PowerPoint slides for you to present on a webinar or online meeting.

Another aspect of providing coaching artifacts is to give your students something to do in between live sessions. What this means is that you will need to re-purpose components like checklists and mind maps into step-by- step processes.

What you’ll also want to do is to think about getting PLR video courses that show intermediate steps

For example, consider what this means if your method relies on having a website built, but you don’t want to take the time to teach that part of your subject.

Purchasing a set of videos on setting up a WordPress website would be an excellent bonus and allow you to focus on the core purpose of your coaching program. You’d want to make sure that you purchased an extremely high quality program that gives your students the same level of instruction that you would want to have.

You also want your students to be able to take action on your suggestions. One of the ways to do that is to give them content and components with some of the steps already done. This is a great role for PLR as long as you have the rights to use the components that way.

Use PLR as a Bonus on Your Sales Page

use plr as a bonus

Whenever you create your own product for sale, your customers are likely to expect to get bonuses in order to make the commitment to buy. This means that you may need to offer some added incentive to them so that they will be compelled to buy.

You’ll want to use relevant PLR to act as a bonus for your product.

When you do this, you’ll want to try to find PLR with great graphics. The reason for this is that you’ll want to have a graphical representation on your sales page.

  • The graphical representation will give your customer the ability to visualize the value of the bonus.
  • If possible, the graphical representation should be a 3-D image, instead of a 2-D or a “flat” image.
  • The 3-D image is more tangible to the viewer.

That means that you may have to purchase some PLR before you actually need or use it. You want to have it on hand when you’re ready to use it as part of the sales process. If you make sure to always purchase high quality content, purchasing before you have the need will help toward the content being relevant when you decide to use it.

Having multiple bonuses means that you can add at least three to the sales page. It also means that you can use a bonus to increase the scarcity of the deal.

In other words, you can tell your buyer that the only way that they’ll get a specific bonus is to purchase it:

  • Before it runs out (scarcity)
  • Before the time runs out (urgency)

As the buyer makes their way through the sales process, you want the bonus to help them see the value in what you offer. The value should be clear when they see the graphics as well as how you describe the graphics. When you offer irrelevant, ‘over the top’ bonuses, you’re devaluing your product without knowing it.

Most marketers will consider at least one, but some will commit to as many as three bonuses.

One way to add more than three would be to make one or some of the bonuses time sensitive. These are typically called “fast action” bonuses. If you are going to market them that way, make sure that they’ll be easy to remove from your site quickly and easily during your product launch.

You can actually use a bonus that doesn’t have a graphical image. However, you will need to expend resources in order to have 3-D images created. You’ll want to make sure those images reflect exactly what the buyer is getting.

Lastly, you can display graphics by re-imaging all of the PLR and making it similar to your product branding. Make sure that your buyers know that they do not reflect on what you’re doing with your business.

Use PLR as a bonus for Your Affiliates to Use to Promote Your Product

use plr as bonus products for your affiliates

A smart but little used way to leverage PLR is for affiliate bonuses. This means that what you’d be doing is to have your affiliate to apply to sell your product. Then you’d put together a bonus page for them with bonus products.

Your affiliates get the benefit of being able to offer their customers an added incentive.

You will benefit from having increased traffic. You will benefit with an increased conversion rate. This is because a considerable amount of “bad” traffic will be filtered out by the bonus page. Because they’re not sure if they want the product, they’re likely stop at the bonus page. With fewer interested people coming to the page where the offer is, your conversion rate should be much higher than you thought it might be.

In most cases, you will deliver the bonuses from inside of your member’s area or on your download page on behalf of your affiliates. In other cases, you will give your affiliate the opportunity to deliver the bonuses themselves. If you choose this route, make sure to qualify your affiliates for this option.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the rights to pass on the content to your affiliates. In most cases, you’ll want to have this in place well in advance.

In essence, you’re probably offering two sets of bonuses:

  • One set on your sales page
  • Another set on a bonus page for your affiliates

What this does is make it easier for your affiliates to get started promoting right away. It also improves the statistics for your product, which in turn could result in more affiliates wanting to promote your product.

To start the process, you’ll want to determine what other vendors are doing on behalf of their affiliates. You can do this by going to a site like Muncheye.com and then looking at some of the JV pages.

You will want to go one step farther in determining what bonuses are being given to affiliates to promote. You will find that some vendors and sellers are willing to give the bonuses to their affiliates. Others give them the page and the images and deliver them inside of the product. The latter way is effective because it removes barriers to affiliates being able to send email to their buyers.

Use PLR as Your Webinar Content

use plr content for webinars

One way to use your PLR content is to re-purpose it as webinar content. In some cases, depending on what kind of package you buy, you’ll have slides already created for you. You can use those slides as your guide to teach on the subject of the webinar.

In many cases, you will be using the information that you pick up from the PLR to learn the content well enough to teach it on the webinar. This will be important because you want to have the webinar positioning you and making you sound like an expert.

One other interesting thing that you can do is to take PLR videos and splice them together into one hour of content for an automated or recorded webinar. Since part of what you’ll be doing is to re-brand any graphics that you get, don’t be afraid to use them to make your slide presentation attractive. This is easily accomplished by using your graphics as a background image faded enough for people to clearly read your message.

One of the things that keeps marketers from doing their own webinar is not knowing exactly what to say.

Most of the time this is due to feeling less than confident about the content they are presenting. In a webinar, what will be most important is the presentation, which shouldn’t have information to be read. Instead the information should be used as a guide for the audience to follow your presentation.

Some webinar creators use a script, which is a good use of some forms of PLR.

Other webinar creators speak extemporaneously without a script, where the presentation guides the audience. If you choose to do your webinar this way, you will use PLR to ‘learn’ your subject matter.

You can use multiple PLR products on the same topic in this case and you’ll be producing something original. In fact, depending on the rights of the PLR, you can easily sell or use your presentation as part of an information product in the future.

Webinars do require that you break up your audience’s attention with relevant graphics.

If you choose to use graphics of any kind in your webinar presentation make sure that it doesn’t overpower the information you’re sharing. If you want to use graphics to theme your content you can create an opaque background in your presentation slides.

One other thing that many webinar hosts do to keep people engaged to the end is to promise them a free gift. This is a great use for a PLR product or component. You can do the same thing on a webinar to get people to attend (promise them a free piece of content).

If your goal is to sell a particular PLR product as the result of your presentation, you’ll want to give good content while avoiding telling your audience everything. Your audience’s attention span is probably about 20 minutes long at the maximum.

One good way to think about how to organize your content is as follows:

  • In your webinar you’ll want to answer the questions “why” and “what if.”
  • In the front end offer you sell them, you’ll want to answer the question “what to do.”
  • In the back end offer you sell them, you want to answer the question “how should I do this.”

If you choose to use this framework, you’ll want to organize your content along these lines.

That means your webinar, if designed to sell, should use the PLR content telling them why the topic is important for them to consider. It should then use PLR telling them what’s possible if they learn the content or implement the method.

Re-Image the Components of the PLR

re-image plr components

Of course, you will be rebranding and re-imaging all of the content so that it enhances your USP and business. When you are given PSD files of the graphics, you’ll be using them along with a graphics editor like Photoshop or Gimp to:

  • Rename the product
  • Remake the images consistent with your offers

When it comes to videos and audios, you can add in intros and outros to make them more consistent with your business. When it comes to documents, you should be branding with your logos, but also with images and colors consistent with the desires of your customer.

  • If you are given sales pages,
  • opt-in pages
  • and upsell pages as part of your PLR package,
  • make sure that the language is consistent with your offer.

Typically, a PLR package has numerous opportunities for you to promote your own products and affiliate products. As a result, you should be looking for opportunities to place hyperlinks to your products and affiliate promotions.

At the same time, don’t turn your written content into a situation where there too many links on the page.

The way to think about re-doing PLR in this way is to make sure that there is a helpful place the links. Also (and related), don’t assume that the PLR has the links in the place that you want them for your customer; go over the content and remove any unwanted hyperlinks.

One tangible way to re-image the components of your PLR is to suggest your own resources.

In some cases, you will get a resources guide as part of the PLR; in other cases you won’t. Regardless, you should always provide resources consistent with things that you talk about in your business.

Reimaging the components can also mean:

  • Redoing the PowerPoint presentation
  • Editing any videos or video clips with graphical imagery on it

The most important decision is your marketing angle, which should determine what your graphics look like.

When you go over your PLR for the last time before the sale, ask whether:

  • The product looks like it’s unique to your brand
  • The product is unrecognizable as PLR
  • There is enough value in the product that you would buy it

If you can’t answer yes to all of the above, consider re-imaging your PLR until you can.

Use PLR to Create Email and Autoresponder Content

use plr for autoresponder messages

One of the best ways to use PLR content is to provide content for your subscribers in your autoresponder. Internet marketers typically send emails on a daily basis. But it can be difficult to sit down and write something that teaches something substantive every day.

You can easily use written PLR to create a series and spread it out over days while giving your buyer a call to action at the end. You can also use video content to deliver lessons to your subscribers by loading the content into YouTube and providing a link. You can do the same with audio content, providing a link for a number of days to some helpful content.

If you’d rather personalize it, you’re still not having to research the idea if you re-make the audio, video or writing. This is something that you can repeat throughout the year when you’d rather not create content or you need to take time off.

The idea with autoresponder content is to keep your subscribers engaged until they’re moved to become buyers. You’ll need to find a balance between evergreen content and things that people new to your list will not grow bored with.

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Use PLR For Other Miscellaneous Purposes

other uses for plr contentother uses for plr content

  • Repurpose for social media
  • Repurpose to different forms of PLR
  • Repurpose for blog content
  • Repurpose for video content
  • Repurpose for podcast content
  • Repurpose for published content (paying attention to create a unique written product)


In this training, we’ve discussed 12 different ways to leverage PLR in an online business. Regardless of what kind of business you already run, PLR can help you to save time and effort. As you hit any content based barrier, stop and think of whether you could use high quality PLR to bridge the gap.

For example, do you need to:

  • Add more value to your product?
  • Write a book?
  • Create more content for your subscribers?
  • Build your authority as a leader in your niche?
  • Make your presentations more informative

If so, you’ve seen 12 ways that you can use PLR to accomplish them. In fact, the methods you’ve been shown can be easily adapted to solve other content and information marketing related roadblocks.

The key to being effective in the use of PLR is understanding that it can be used as raw material.

You never have to view it as it being in its final form, ready to sell to the customer as is. If you’re willing to look at it broadly, you’ll see multiple uses for PLR that you’ll be purchasing or that you have already purchased.

That means that when you combine it with other components, you can solve a pressing customer problem or need. Whenever you can meet the customer at the point at which he or she is ready to solve their problem, you can sell more of your product or information with less effort expended.


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