12 Tips To Get More Sales From Your Classified Ads

12 actionable tips to get more sales from your classified ads and get prospects to take notice and more importantly take action on your classified ads.

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12 Tips To Help You Get More Sales From Your Classified Ads

Classified ad advertising is alive and well. 10′s of thousands of classified ads are posted on hundreds of classified ad sites everyday. So how do you get prospects to take notice and more importantly take action on your classified ads?

Here are 12 actionable tips to get more sales and prospects from your classified ads…

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Understand What The Goal of Your Classified Ad Is

  • Is the goal to make your classified ad a long list of boring features of your product or service?
  • No, your goal is to get the prospect to call you, email you or click the link to your website.

Once you have your goal firmly in your mind then your ad will start taking shape nicely.

Get Their Attention With The Headline!

The first thing your prospect will see is the headline. You must distinguish yourself from the hundreds of similar text ads on the page.

One way is through the use of symbols.

Here is a list of eye-catching symbols that you can use in your headlines to catch your prospect’s attention and distinguish yourself from the other boring text only classified ads.

The technical term is “ASCII Symbol”, if you use some of the corresponding ASCII codes below in your classified ad titles, you too can have your ads stand out in the sea of bland text ads.

  • ▲ ▲
  • ▶▶ &#9654 ▶
  • ▖ ▖
  • ▆ ▆
  • ♠ ♠
  • ♥ ♥
  • ♦ ♦
  • ♬ ♬
  • ★ &#9733

So for instance, the sample classified ads title:

“&#9654 &#9654 Incredible 4 Hands Magic Massage! &#9654 &#9654 Leave Completely Satisfied And Stress Free&#9654 &#9654

Will convert to:

“▶▶Incredible 4 Hands Magic Massage! ▶▶Leave Completely Satisfied And Stress Free ▶▶”

Here is an example of a subject line with symbols. Which of these ads draws your attention?

example classified ad subject line with symbols

Now That You Have Their Attention Get Them To Take Action!

You got them into your ad. Congratulations! Now you want them to call, click your website link or email you. Say something unique about your product or service.

Avoid cliches and be descriptive.

If you are renting an apartment say something like, “Have your cocktails underneath coconut trees while watching dolphins play.”

  • Do not just say “the apartment has a nice view.”
  • Give you prospects the actual benefits of your product or service.

Also, do not shout using ALL CAPS. This will only annoy the readers of your ad.

Use Pictures To Whet Their Appetite

  • Give them a taste and they will want more.
  • They were already looking for what you are offering.
  • Now get them excited with the best pictures you can provide.
  • Think about it, when you are looking to buy don’t you want pictures?
  • Build your prospect’s desire to take action and call.

Tell Them What To Do (Call To Action)

Remember tip number one? Know what the goal of your ad is.

  • The goal is to have your prospect call, email or click on your website link.
  • Do not assume they will do this even if you have the best ad in the world!
  • Tell your prospects exactly what to do.
  • “Call me at this number”, “Click this website link to learn more”, “Email me hear for more info.”
  • This is called a “call to action” in marketing lingo.

It is very important.

  • Most people who are not professional marketers forget this simple concept.
  • Sales people also use this idea when the “ask for the order.”

Many sales people make beautiful presentations but never actually come out and ask the client to purchase his product. Your product right now is just an action. You want the client to take action and contact you. Tell them to do so. Ask them to contact you.There is also, nothing wrong with having all 3 calls to action in your ad! This is a simple yet powerful concept that most marketers overlook.

Focus On The Benefits Over The Features

For example if you were a therapeutic masseuse and you were running an ad for your services instead of saying “I have studied Shiatsu, reflexology, traditional Thai and deep tissue,” you could say “You will end your session refreshed, invigorated, satisfied and completely relieved from all worldly stress.”

Take Some Time To Write A Great Ad

If you just write a hurried ad with typos and no pictures the chances of people calling are greatly diminished. Take your time and put some thought into the ad.

  • What is the sense in having a catchy headline then losing them on a shoddy ad?
  • Think about what type of ad would get you to take action and call, click or email for more info.
  • A well-crafted complete ad will inspire confidence in your potential buyer.

Avoid Long Rambling Run On Paragraphs – Use Bullet Points Instead

  • You want your ad to be complete but you are not writing a novel.
  • Bullet points quickly tell your reader your main benefits and lead them to taking action faster.
  • Use bullet points, they work.

Know Your Audience

Will they respond to a slick corporate style ad or do you think they will prefer a more down-home style? Some people feel more comfortable dealing with a solid corporate style of business others prefer to deal with just regular folks one on one. If you are not sure which style will work better for your product or service try both styles!

Learn a Little HTML

If you learn just a little bit of HTML your ads can really stand out. For example you can make some important features bold. It is actually easy. Just put <b> at the beginning of the phrases or words you want to be bold and </b> at the end. Everything in between <b> and </b> will be bold.

You can also create hyperlinks with calls to action.

For example you can say “click here” and the link will be hyperlinked.

  • if you write this <a href=”http://www.yourwebsite.com”>Click Here</a>
  • it will produce a hyperlink with a call to action

HTML is not that hard and you do not have to be an expert. Just learning how to do bold and link tags will already help make your ads stand out from the mass of plain text ads.

Tips For Not Getting Your Ads Blocked On Popular Sites

Classified sites often have automatic triggers which can get your perfectly legitimate ad blocked by their filters. Here are some tips to avoid getting blocked.

Do Not Use Popular URL Redirection Services – Most popular classified ad sites block popular redirection services. The problem with these services is that everyone is using them and it is easier for sites to block the entire service than to look at every ad and determine which is a good ad and which is not.

Do Not Use Affiliate URL’s – Many classified ad sites block popular affiliate programs because somebody else promoting the same program might have spammed their site so they just ban the entire domain of the affiliate program you are promoting altogether.

Use Your Own Unique Domain Name – You can get your own domain name from Domain Registration Service for about $10. per year. You can easily redirect your domain name to the URL of your choice or better yet just get some inexpensive hosting and create your own unique website promoting your program.

This way your reputation is your own and you are not suffering from the sins of others.

Post in the Correct Category – Posting an ad in a category which has nothing to do with the topic of the category is one of the fastest ways to have your ads deleted. If you are promoting a business opportunity do not try to post in the jobs category.

Use an image ad – Many times sites have automatic word triggers. For example, a site owner may ban the word “ass.” The problem with this is that there many words which have those three letters which are perfectly fine such as glass, mass, class etc.

  • If you use an image ad all the site’s filters will see is an image not the words that are portrayed in the image.
  • You can get custom made image ads here.

Embed YouTube Videos Into Your Classified Ad

The truth is you really cannot embed your YouTube videos directly into most popular classified ad sites but there is a cool trick you can do to have it look like you are embedding a video into your ad.

  • First upload your video to YouTube.
  • Then take a screenshot of your video.
  • On the upper right hand side of most keyboards there is a button call “PrtScr

Just go to your YouTube video, click “PrtScr” and then open up Paint or your favorite photo editing program. Paste the screenshot directly into Paint (ctrl-v) then save the screenshot to your desktop. Then upload your photo to your website or to your favorite photo hosting site.

Then copy and paste this code into your classified ad:

<a href=”http://www.youryoutubevideourl”><img src=”http://www.websiteurltoyourimage/yourscreen shotimage.jpg”></img></a>

  • You will, of course, need the link to your YouTube video.
  • Just go to your YouTube video, click share and the link to your YouTube video will appear.

You can also look at the browser bar once your video is loaded into your browser and get your YouTube video URL from there.

  • It will look something like this: https://youtu.be/BZbjMzxu120 for the shortened URL
  • or like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZbjMzxu120 for the direct URL in your browser.

If you do everything I say above what you will get is something like what we have below.

  • This screenshot of my YouTube video which is clickable.
  • Whenever anybody clicks on the screenshot they will be automatically re-directed to my YouTube video.
  • And because YouTube videos play immediately on click the video will start to play right away.


While online marketing certainly has been changing, there’s still value to be found in placing ads on classified sites. I hope you enjoyed the report and have started implementing the techniques.

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