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11 Techniques to Wake up Early (Backed by Science)

Working from home comes with the luxury of being able to define your own schedule. But indulge that luxury too far, and you may find that your routine, if pleasing, is less productive than it could be. Science tells us that for those who are morning people, or who have the potential to become morning people, shifting your whole schedule forward a few hours could mean making better use of the time that you allocate to work. And science also tells us that of those people who don’t yet rise with the birds, 50% would be able to if we applied workable techniques to do so.

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Even if you don’t shift your starting time back to the same extent as your waking time, getting out of bed early opens up the potential to enjoy a fulfilling, energizing morning before you boot up the computer. Exercising in the morning, for example, burns off more fat than doing so later in the day – and it also gets the endorphins flowing, so you’ll start work with a more positive outlook. Breakfasting properly can be a meditative process, too: preparing proper ingredients, enjoying the sensuality of the smells and flavors, and of energizing you with the appropriate nutrients.

Start work early, and you are likely to be more productive and to enjoy better problem-solving skills. It also means you can finish earlier, giving you a better chance to rest up for tomorrow – so continuing the cycle of getting up early and ready to excel. It may sound easier said than done, but this infographic suggests otherwise, offering a raft of scientifically backed-up techniques to ease yourself into that new routine. Have a look, see what works, and you can start taking advantage of the freedom to work how and when is best for you.


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