101 Ways to Create eProduct in 10 Days

eProduct Creation: Discover fast ideas and simpler ways to create eProducts fast! Create a eProduct in 10 days. eProducts provide success and an income.

eproduct creationCreating and marketing products can be stressful, but there are ways to do this that can provide you with a lot of success and an income. You need to:

  • know what you want to create
  • have an idea about marketing it
  • sell it to the general population
  • make some money
  • and be a successful businessman or woman

We all have a set of skills that will allow any of us to create eProducts that will be successful.

If you can string a few words together, draw, paint, take great photographs, or devise recipes, there is a eProduct out there just waiting to be created.

Don’t just look at the general public as your buyer for eProducts; look at the big companies on the internet. Can you see something lacking on their website, or do you think links to an article you can write would be helpful? There can be many ways to create and market an eProduct where the only limit is what you can think of. Your eProduct can be sent anywhere around the world via the internet.

What is an eProduct?

An eProduct is anything that can be sold and then downloaded via the internet. When you purchase a game and the company has received payment they send you a  link to download the game. There is no solid product that is posted out, all e- products are created and then purchased online and a link is sent to the buyer to access the product.

Anything that can be converted to a digital format can become an eProduct.

It is a very convenient product to create and has many advantages over a solid product because:

  • there is nothing to make in a solid form
  • there is no product that needs to be found, packaged and posted
  • there is no product to get lost in the postal system
  • there is no product to be stolen from your letterbox
  • the system is fully automated
  • your level of inventory or number of products always stays the same

Products that can be created in a digital format or created and then converted to a digital format include:

  • photographs – you can scan printed photographs into your computer and they are now a digital file
  • digital photographs and video taken with digital cameras
  • music – recorded with digital equipment, files to be used for ring tones, message tones, alerts,
  • background music for image files
  • cartoons, drawings and illustrations – created on paper, then scanned with digital printer or photographed with a digital camera
  • cartoons, drawings and illustrations created on your computer with appropriate software such as Corel Draw
  • eBooks – create a book on any subject with one of several formatting software programs available
  • any written information such as how to guides, articles on various topics
  • databases – resources guides, product lists
  • software to design objects
  • templates – to help people design business cards and other stationary items for their online and off line business activities


There are so many different ideas for eProducts that you can start with a few lines of information, to a whole book, newsletters, workbooks for training purposes, digital designs for templates, Ezine, membership communities, coaching information, photographic products for wallpapers, photo frames and such for mobile devices, video tutorials, the list is endless.

Anything that you can design and create on your laptop and computer has the potential to be an eProduct.

Once you have an idea, create your product the best way you can.

Create an eBook

There are many web sites out there that will help you to create an eBook and to provide the right format for your type of information. Some formats are better for images as they can compress and decompress them quickly. Others are better for series of publications rather than just one book, so you can submit a trilogy or such in the right format that won’t take hours to download. Yet others will only work with a single platform like Linux, others are designed to create multimedia eBooks. Regardless of the type of book, fiction, non-fiction, technical, comic or full of  images, there is an eBook format to fit it.

  • WordPress
  • Google Docs
  • Archos Diffusion-need an Archos Player to read
  • Broadband eBooks-proprietary format, Linux systems can read
  • Comic Book Archive File
  • DAISY – format for creating products for people with disabilities
  • DjVU – good for documents with lots of images, compresses and decompresses fast
  • EPUB – format can be read by Kobo eReader, Blackberry, iBooks and devices, BeBook,
  • Bookeen Cybook, Nook Sony Reader and many others
  • eReader – format supports images and hyperlinks
  • FictionBook – convenient storage and conversion tool
  • Kindle Format 8
  • Mobi Pocket
  • Multimedia eBooks
  • TEBR – designed for mobile devices
  • Plucker – open source product
  • Newton eBook-for larger eBooks and trilogies

How-to guides

We all know how to do something well, be it creating the perfect lawn, building a bird house, being successful, writing a book, designing dresses, whatever it is that you know how to do, you can turn this into an eProduct such as an eBook, Ezine article or blog.

What you need to do first is to make a list of the steps involved in making the bird house for example.

Start out with timber needed, the measurements for sizes of bird houses and include a plan and a photograph of the finished bird house and you have just finished “How to make the best bird house ever”.


We have all had to design letters or forms for one thing or another. If you are good at this why not create a series of templates and promote it as an eProduct? Not everyone has the time or inclination and know-how to create a template.

The template can be for:

  • an invoice
  • a newsletter
  • brochures and flyers
  • advertising posters
  • business emails
  • fancy emails
  • business cards
  • letter heads
  • birthday cards
  • wedding invitations
  • party invitations
  • title pages for eBooks
  • calendars
  • headers and footers
  • display posters
  • family trees

Video tutorials

If you are adept at video and editing situations, you can make a video tutorial on anything you can think of. Grab a good quality digital recorder and set up people making items or doing different services. If you or a friend knows how to do something, turn it into a video tutorial.

It can be on anything and subjects can include:

  • Cooking
  • Cake decorating
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Interior decorating tips
  • Painting a room
  • Building small items like bird house
  • Billy carts
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Children
  • Wooden toys
  • Knitting and crochet
  • Needlework
  • How to paint with watercolors
  • How to paint with oils
  • How to draw people

There are many programs that can help you create your video and they include:

  • MAGIX Movie edit Pro
  • Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite
  • Adobe Premier Elements
  • Corel Video Studio Pro XS
  • CyberLink Power Director

Resource guides

Compile lists of useful resources for various topics. These can be used by university students, people working in the field covered by the resource guide and anyone interested in learning more about the topic. Not everyone has the time to search  the internet looking for good information on a set topic. You can create a short cut for them for by producing a resource guide that lists places that provide good up to date information.

The guide can include:

  • articles
  • blogs
  • forums
  • books
  • mentors
  • specific web pages
  • products
  • training videos and programs
  • media contacts

Photographs and drawing

Are you wondering what to do with all of your photographs of flowers and plants? Have you been doodling cartons and comic strips for years? Why not create an image file for people wanting royalty free images and cartoons to include in eBooks, Ezine, product pages, other online publications, school projects, scrapbooks and the like.

Set about creating groups of photographs that can be sent and created as files for FictionBook, DjVU and eReader. These are good compression formats  that download quickly and decompress fast so the buyer is not waiting for hours for the completed download.

Create files for:

  • clip art on various subjects
  • cartoons
  • images on various topics
  • backgrounds
  • borders
  • headers and footers

Audio books and podcasts

With a good microphone and recorder you can create eProducts that many people will enjoy. A lot of people love to listen to recordings of books and how to do things instead of reading them. They can listen to them anywhere they go.

Look at people who are successful and ask them about their success and how they made their fortunes or became the leading photographer for a great magazine or company. There are so many people out there who are willing to part with information and to tell their story. You then tell the rest of the world about in a audio download.

Compile audio biographies on:

  • popular musicians
  • movie and television stars
  • with the aim of selling links to magazines, eZines and blogs

Some helpful software for creating these eProducts includes:

  • Audacity
  • Hipcast
  • eProduct Producer
  • WebPod Studio
  • Propaganda

The software helps you to record and edit your videos and audio files so you have a professionally finished product. Set up a blog or web site using WordPress and start selling your audio and video clips.

Creating eProducts

There are many online sites that you can use to create your eProduct. Some let you create on the site, others tell you how to go about creating eProducts and how to market and sell them. Other sites act as a sales point where you describe your products in a certain format that are then listed by the host site.

Online Sites

There are several online sites that hep you to create your eProduct. They give you step by step instructions to produce a variety of eProducts.

Google Docs

At Google Docs you can create your own eBook for no cost. It is so easy; you need to try it if you want to create any sort of information document.

  • First you need to create a Google account
  • Log into your new Google account and look for http://docs.google.com
  • Create your new document
  • Then turn it into a PDF document. There are instructions on how to do this as well
  • Now you have a finished product to market

The Cartpress.com

Here you can create single products and grouped products quickly and easily by following there format. You will need to download WordPress and use the Administration Panel

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the Products tab
  • Click on the Add New Sub tab
  • Fill in all of the blanks such as title, description, price, type of product (single or grouped),tax, product tags, categories and a brief summary of the product

To create grouped products:

• Use the Manage Grouped Products link
• Then use the Create New Grouped Product


This is a great site for creating blogs and web sites that a buyer has access to. All you need to do is to download WordPress and then you can start to create your blog or web site. You can then use the blog and web site you have made to market and sell your eProducts. This started out as blogging tool but now is a total content management system and much more.


Creating an eProduct needs imagination and flair and a little research and work. There are many online help guides that take you through the steps to create e- products. If a product can be converted to digital format it can be turned into an e- product.

The most common is of course the eBook that has taken off considerably since it was first introduced.

Popular authors are creating books just for the internet instead of creating soft and hard covers produced by publishers. There are so many sorts of eProducts you can create that other people will purchase because they either can’t do it themselves or don’t have the extra time and would rather pay the small price and let someone else make it.

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