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Google to roll out cross-device retargeting

In a significant development, advertisers will soon be able to reach users across devices with Google remarketing campaigns as Google stops relying on cookies and mobile IDs to identify users for remarketing lists. Brad Bender, VP of display and video advertising at Google, announced the shift in a blog […]

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Purchasing IT Equipment for Your Business

Purchasing the necessary IT equipment is a vital part of running a business. From printers to new desktops and establishing a working internet connection, once you’ve worked out all the IT equipment that you need for your business, it can come at quite the cost. Here’s a guide to purchasing IT equipment for your business to help you to get it right: Budget for It Sensibly Purchasing all your IT equipment at once can become really costly, […]

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7 Proven Ways for Managing Remote Teams

If you’re reading this piece, then you are probably a part of the 76% of workers, who have come to the general conclusion that “absenteeism is a good thing” – according to the Second Annual Global Telework Survey conducted by PGI. Please bear in mind that by using the word “absenteeism” in this case, we are referring to a “physical” absence from the office and not a “virtual” one. With more and more people choosing to work […]

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Things to Consider Before Leaving a Property Empty

As a property owner, you may well find yourself in a situation where it seems leaving a property empty might be the best course of action. Maybe you’re travelling for an extended period, moving into a new house, closing down your business or undergoing long term renovation. If you have no desire to sell or rent your property, you may opt to leave it unoccupied. Though this may seem like the easy option, owning a vacant property […]

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